NBA Draft Ineptitude – Atlanta vs. Minnesota

A friend from work challenged me when I had stated that the Atlanta Hawks’ first round drafting ineptitude from 2000-2006 was unrivaled in the NBA. He said that Minnesota had a greater legacy of foul play, and naturally I took that as a challenge to prove myself right…and it seemed like fun, I have to be honest. We will go year by year counting down from 2006 to 2000: 

Atlanta Hawks First Round Pick: Sheldon Williams (better known as Mr. Candace Parker)
A Sane Person’s Pick: Brandon Roy (I mean seriously, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!!) 

Minnesota T-Wolves First Round Pick: Randy Foye (via trade… traded Brandon Roy)
A Sane Person’s Pick: Brandon Roy (You picked him and gave him away!!!) 

Ineptitude Edge: Hawks. They picked someone no sane team would have picked and had they picked correctly it would have saved Minnesota from trading him for a serviceable point guard. 

Atlanta Hawks First Round Pick: Marvin Williams
A Sane Person’s Pick: Chris Paul or Deron Williams (this one sends me into the fetal position)

Minnesota Timberwolves First Round Pick: Rashad McCants
A Sane Person’s Pick: Rashad McCants

Ineptitude Edge: Hawks. There are no words to describe how bad this was. Paul is a top 5 player in the NBA. Williams fights to be top 5 on the Hawks. 

Atlanta Hawks first First Round Pick: Josh Childress
A Sane Person’s Pick: Luol Deng, Andre Iguodala, or Al Jefferson (after missing out on a solid ACC player this year, it lead to two straight years of overcompensating with wrong ACC players picked)
Atlanta Hawks second First Round Pick: Josh Smith
A Sane Person’s Pick: This was fairly sane so we won’t complain.

Minnesota T-Wolves Traded their First Round Pick.  

Ineptitude Edge: Hawks. Childress was terrible. 

Atlanta Hawks First Round Pick: Boris Diaw
A Sane Person’s Pick: Diaw or Josh Howard

Minnesota T-Wolves First Round Pick: Ndudi Ebi
A Sane Person’s Pick: Josh Howard

Ineptitude Edge: Timberwolves. I don’t even know who Ndudi Ebi is!!!

2002 – 2000

  • Atlanta Hawks traded a future 1st Round Pick for Dan Dickau
  • Atlanta Hawks traded Pau Gasol for Shareef-Abdur Rahim
  • Atlanta Hawks selected DeMarr Johnson instead of anyone out of: Chris Mihm, Jamal Crawford, Desmond Mason, Quentin Richardson, Jamaal Magloire, & Hedo Turkgolu

The Minnesota Timberwolves forfeited 5 draft picks for the improper signing of Joe Smith.

Ineptitude Edge: Atlanta Hawks – They traded Pau Gasol and a #1 pick for Shareef and Dan Dickau!!!
Stupidity Edge: Minnesota Timberwolves – How do you sign someone improperly? And how do you get caught??

So the clear answer is that there was no contest… the Hawks. Thankfully, the new administration seems to have backed off their addiction to the Crazy Pills and we have hope going forward, but you all should have pity on Hawks fans that lived through what is described above!


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