Texas Hold ‘Em

It seems clear that what happened over this past week was that the University of Texas just played one of the great poker games of all time and ultimately everyone folded so you really don’t know what Texas would have played if they had to. You can read hundreds of articles right now about all of the details, and considering my 2 year old has as many media connections as I do I’m pretty sure I don’t have any real information to add. All I know is that from a distance the following transpired:

1. Nebraska, the most vocal dissenter in Big XII politics, found their opportunity to a more equal and lucrative setup in the Big 10
2. Texas flirted heavily with the Pac 10.
3. 6 other Big XII schools began jockeying to be on Texas’ coattails in case they bolted.
4. The threat was there that Colorado would get one-upped by the state of Texas as happened in the formation of the Big XII which caused they and the Pac 10 to rush into a shotgun wedding.
5. The other schools in the Big XII that would be left at the altar began to panic and people in the Big XII office began fearing for their jobs, so everyone (to their credit) banded together to come up with a plan to hold things together.
6. Texas figured out how to get everything they wanted (MONEYMONEYMONEY) while eliminating the conference title game that they had grown to despise.
7. Texas throws a bone to the peasants and seems benevolent for staying put and just taking more money.
8. The Pac 10 realizes that they went to the wedding to marry Rachel and got Leah instead.

And the spin-cycle has begun. The downplaying the importance of Nebraska. Everyone being thrilled at playing everyone once in football and twice in basketball every season. All of those things. In reality, there is some truth to each item they will laud and there will be positives out of it for the member institutions, but the one thing that stands out is that Texas played everyone perfectly.


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