The Weekend Review

I could do a recap of the weekend talking about how you can’t call a show marathon a true marathon when you show repeats within 5 hours of each other (Pawn Stars), but instead I think I will give a review of the weekend in College Football.

Here are things I would think if I were capable of thinking, which I’m not currently:

1. Nebraska seemed to get off to a good start with the change in Quarterback, though the real tests are yet to come.

2. Georgia Tech was normal… less than 20 yards passing and more than 350 yards rushing. Looking forward to seeing them live this weekend!

3. Missouri apparently remembered mid-second half that they are better than Illinois and took care of things. Kansas however did NOT remember that they are better than North Dakota State…

4. North Carolina performed with heart. When missing 13 players, 8 of them starters, and 7 defensive starters, to still come down to the final play against LSU was impressive. Not impressive? Maryland having to have a goal line stand to stop Navy.

5. It was gut-wrenching for Tulsa, but it has to be a good sign for the season when you get a true Hail Mary completed on the first weekend. It’s also nice to have a 6’8″ receiver in that situation.

6. Kansas… ouch.

7. If you are going to lose to a I-AA team, you might as well do it like Ole Miss. Jax State’s TD with 26 seconds to go plus 2 point conversion followed by the 4th & 15 heave to the back of the end zone followed by the 2 point conversion for the win was breathtaking. It’s why we love college football.

8. The Boise St./Virginia Tech game was solid and back and forth. It’s what you want from a Top 10 tilt. That being said, I just don’t think Boise looked like a national championship caliber team. And their uniforms/helmets were hideous…

9. It was ugly, but Kansas State was able to pull it off. The best part? Rick Neuheisal losing… it never gets old. Oh, but is there a worse name for a field than the Bill Snyder Family Field?!

10. Oklahoma State appears to have no reason to worry about replacing Zach Robinson at QB. Texas Tech may have reason to worry in the new era since they only won because God punished the Methodists for playing football instead of going to church.

BONUS: Following a week where teams pre-emptively suspended players that MIGHT be in trouble in response to what happened at USC courtesy of Reggie Bush, it’s GREAT to hear that it is being reported that the Heisman Trust is going to strip Bush of the Heisman, proving once and for all that cheaters only prosper sometimes!


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