Swami the Magazine: Bourne to Win

Greetings and welcome to another edition of Swami the Magazine! What an opening weekend in college football! From a very close tilt on Thursday night in Utah, to the barnburner win for Boise on Monday it was an action-packed weekend. If you want more thoughts on the weekend in review, just visit the Swami’s weekend recap. This week’s slate of games has the potential to even surpass last week with battles between top teams in the ACC/Big XII, Big X/SEC, Pac 10/SEC, and Big X/ACC along with the usual lovefests that are Michigan/Notre Dame and Iowa/Iowa State. The real bonus this weekend? The Swami is scheduled to get to see his beloved Yellow Jackets live for the first time!

Theme Week: As is often the case here at STM, the staff decided to do a Theme Week this week. Since last week’s games were so good and action-packed the STM decided to go with Matt Damon movies in honor of the best action trilogy of this Millennium, The Bourne Trilogy. If you haven’t seen them all, don’t worry, neither has the staff!

Also the Official Offspring of the Swami (OOOTS) are back with their NFL picks including some early love for the rebuilding Detroit Lions!

So without further ado….

The Swami!


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