Swami the Magazine: The Hangover

This week’s edition of Swami the Magazine is being authored by STM Editor George P. Burdell since the Swami is still on the floor twitching and muttering “12 yard punt” and “roughing the passer” among other things. A new week brings new challenges and a whole new group of people that could end up muttering things while twitching on the floor, so as a public service, the good folks here at Swami the Magazine have decided to put a warning label on each game this week so that you are adequately warned of possible side effects that come from watching the game. (As a side note, a side effect of working on STM is having to deal with The Guru, Esq. after he jumps out to an early 2-0 lead in the predictions.) But each week is a new week! So without further ado, as a finalist for Time Magazine’s 1991 Person of the Year, I give you The Picks!

George P. Burdell on behalf of The Swami!!

as always, thanks to http://www.mghelmets.com/ for the artwork


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    That really is addictive. O:-)

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