Swami the Magazine: That Was A Tweet Play!

After a rough previous week The Swami is fully recovered. A big thanks goes to Editor George P. Burdell for covering last week’s column. So now we are back and beginning to hit the heart of the season. What have we learned so far? The Crimson Tide look capable of defending their title. Oregon looks capable of scoring 50+ every week. Nebraska has found a stud QB. The Swami continues to grow more bald. Notre Dame looks capable of losing in exciting fashion every week. And on the NFL front the Chiefs, Bears, and Bucs are undefeated while Dallas and Minnesota are winless. Welcome to the Fall of 2010.

In the spirit of the second decade of the millennium the STM staff decided to scour Twitter and see what some of the chatter is surrounding each of this week’s upcoming games

(For those unfamiliar with Twitter, don’t fret… When you see @someone that means the comment is directed at them… when you see #something it’s a topic the tweet relates to… other than that, it’s just 140 characters of fun). And now for The Picks!

The Swami!


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