Swami the Magazine: Love Line

Greetings and welcome to Swami the Magazine’s Love Line Edition. We all can relate to relationships and how they have their ups and downs. For instance the Swami is in a down time in his relationship with the Guru, as even in a week where he went 22-3 he still lost to the Guru despite having a lead in that game with under 5 minutes to play. And the Swami is having less than joyful feelings toward his beloved Yellow Jackets this season as they appear to be destined to underachieve all year. This led the STM staff to think, if the teams playing each other this weekend were in a relationship how would the winning team break up with the losing team? The staff has come up with a “Dear Guru” letter (It’s like a “Dear John” letter… and the Guru’s name is closer to John than the Swami’s, so hey, it works!) for each game. Now, for James & the Swamette (since the Swami will start convulsing at the thought of them dating…especially the Swamette), their predictions take the form of them dumping one toy in favor of a better toy. We here at STM hope you will enjoy this hard hitting analysis you just won’t find anywhere else.

The Swami!


Categories: Football

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