Swami the Magazine: The Music Man

Welcome back to Swami the Magazine! Well last week we learned one important thing… The Swami can sure predict baseball playoffs! 4-0 on the series’ and 3 of them even with the exact number of games. Too bad this is primarily a college football column! Anyway, moving on. It’s often said that sports are like art, or perhaps a symphony. This deep thought swam around in the Swami’s mind as he was overlooking a sunrise in Mozambique this week (Editor’s Note: Really he was watching Monday Night Football at Swami Ranch). Another thought also hit me. To each team, their game is THE best and THE most important of the week. When these two thoughts were combined during a meditation session at Niagra Falls (Editor’s Note: He’s insane…he thought about it in the shower) an idea sprang out. This week’s theme will be songs that won the Song of the Year Grammy Award. Each game will be paired with an award winner befitting the contest. And the reality is that it becomes clear that not all winners are created equal…

The Swami!


Categories: Football

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