Swami the Magazine: e(Dis)Harmony Tips

Greetings and welcome to another edition of Swami the Magazine. This past week had games that looked like they would be duds show why they won Song of the Year. Congrats to the Badgers for knocking off #1 and thanks for making the Guru look good yet again. No really. As if he needed any more confidence. (If you are wondering what the Swami thought of the Nebraska/Texas game, you can probably pick up on subtle hints in this week’s Nebraska prediction). So anyway, earlier this season we analyzed what football breakups look like, but the STM staff is feeling much more amorous this week and wanted to take on the other side of relationships… the beginning. As we all know, nothing gets you ready for some football like some bad pickup lines. We’ll measure the effectiveness of such advances toward the parties involved. And for James & the Swamette this week you get a glimpse into possible responses by the Swami if anyone should ever make a pass at the Swamette. So without any further ado…it’s time for The Picks!!

The Swami!


Categories: Football

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