Swami the Magazine: TV Guide

Greetings and welcome to another edition of Swami the Magazine. Well last week was quite an eventful one in college football (unless you are an OU or Texas fan, in which case I would imagine you wouldn’t use the word eventful). One of the bigger shocks was Auburn’s leapfrog of Oregon for the top spot in the BCS and the good folks at Nike U will not take that sitting down, so look for them to score some points…wait, they already put up more points than anyone… Anyway, there’s some serious showdowns coming up and this week is no exception.

So before we get to the normal goofiness, it’s time for a little aside about the Missouri/Nebraska showdown this week. This game will be a battle. It is all going to hinge on the defenses. Can MU hold their lanes and contain T-Magic and the Husker ground attack? Can Nebraska’s defense return to form or will they look like they did against the Cowboys? The reality is, anyone who says they know how this will come out is selling you something (so definitely stay away from the crazy 7 1/2 point spread). It’s just too close to call (though you’ll see my call later in the column since that’s what y’all pay me to do) and it’ll be too good to miss. Congrats to the winner for winning the Big XII North.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, this week we at Swami the Mag wanted to provide you with a viewer’s guide to this weekend’s games so that you know what to see and what not to bother with. So hopefully you will use it wisely and enjoy…The Picks!

The Swami!


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