Swami the Magazine: Good Grief!

Greetings and welcome to another edition of Swami the Magazine. The intro this week is short because frankly there were some technical difficulties at STM headquarters that may or may not have been related to retaliation of a certain fan base to the result of last week’s game. These reports are unconfirmed as of this time but there is an ongoing investigation.

Anyway, without too much ado, this week’s theme is the Official Father of the Swami & Guru’s as well as the Swami’s favorite comic strip and all-around tool of social commentary – Peanuts. So each game has been given a corresponding Peanuts character which in and of themselves should tell you all you need to know about each game. However James and the Swamette mailed this week in while on a candy hangover from this past weekend. They’ll be back in force next week. Now…The Picks!

The Swami!


Categories: Football

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