Swami the Magazine: Amaze With Enigmas

Greetings and Welcome to Nerd Fun the Magazine! Ok, so it’s just Swami the Magazine with a bit of an emphasis on fun with words. This week’s theme is Anagrams! The Swami has delivered an anagram for each game creating a phrase out of the names of the competing teams (oh and the title of this week’s issue is an anagram of Swami the Magazine). Why did he do this? Because clearly he couldn’t do well predicting the Big XII, so he thought his time would be better spent on being creative. But since the Big XII came up, let’s take a quick spin around the league, shall we?:

1b. – Niles Paul is the favorite player of every Nebraska opponent.
2. Missouri – All I will say is what I’ve heard from my MU fan cohorts…Gabbert can only throw downfield when he targets the other team.
3. Kansas State – Mediocrity at its finest.
4. Iowa State – A hard throw or a calm wind away from having one of their best years ever.
5. Kansas – It may be an awful year, but last week’s game was something special.
6. Colorado – It’s hard to argue with the fact that losing to KU when leading by 4 TD’s with under 12 minutes to play is grounds for termination.
7. Oklahoma State – The Orange Crush offense is something to marvel at. Bedlam should be fun.
8. Oklahoma – At least Sam Bradford is doing well in St. Louis.
9. Baylor – Almost had a Division crown in the same year that both basketball teams made the Final Four.
10. Texas A&M – Unpredictable and Dangerous…to themselves and others.
11. Texas Tech – Tuberville leaves Auburn and an unsuccessful coach at Iowa State has them undefeated. Good hire TTU!
12. Texas – Safe to say that this isn’t going in Mack Brown’s scrapbook.

Now before the Picks the folks here at Swami the Magazine just want to thank all of those who have served in our armed forces in war time and in peace for their sacrifice and all that comes with their service. The freedoms we have are all because of you. It is incumbent on us now to not keep wasting those freedoms.

Now…The Anagrams!

The Swami!


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