Swami the Magazine: Alumni Chapter

Greetings and welcome to another edition of Swami the Magazine. One of the things that Institutes of Higher Learning pride themselves on is the success of their Alumni and former Staff. An example would be how Georgia Tech fans love to point out folks like Bobby Jones & John Heisman. Or USC folks love to bring up OJ Simpson & Reggie Bush. You see what we mean. Anyway, this week we thought that we would pick famous Alumni/Staff from each school and use that to determine the outcomes of the games. We figure it’s as scientific as anything else we do here at STM. (Note: Institutions where Family Members of the Swami went did not get a bump for that reason. Otherwise Georgia Tech and Tulsa would both destroy everyone else because you just can’t mess with the Official Father of the Swami or with The Guru).

Side note: KU fans… at least you have basketball season to look forward to. Georgia Tech fans not only lost to you in football, but just lost to Kennesaw State in basketball. Kennesaw State was a commuter school with no programs to speak of when the Swami lived in the greater Atlanta metro area!! Tech fans have nothing to look forward to until golf season.

Ok, enough about that. By the way, if you are ever curious what the Swami is thinking about games on Saturdays you can always visit us here and see what the Swami has been tweeting as he watches college football.

Now, without further ado… THE PICKS!!!

The Swami


Categories: Football

2 replies

  1. D2 playoffs start on Sat. No predictions from the Swami?

  2. Only once they get toward the championship

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