Swami the Magazine: Holiday Cheer

Greetings and welcome to this Thanksgiving edition of Swami the Magazine! The STM staff are very thankful for a lot of things and a GREAT slate of games is definitely one of them. This week should be chock full of goodness and excitement. So in the STM staff meeting there were lots of ideas batted around this week…but they all revolved around leaving work early so that was of no use, so the Official Wife of the Swami came through in the clutch with a theme for the week. So the Swami has found a holiday that corresponds with each matchup this weekend and exemplifies how good the game should be. As thanks the Swami promised not to take all of the covers this weekend. And this week the Swamette has relinquished control of the NFL picks for the week so James has identified one character from Cars that best exemplifies each matchup. So buckle up and enjoy!

Most importantly the Swami wants to wish you all a blessed time with family and friends this week. Make sure to take advantage of all of the times that you get with your loved ones and share thanks to our troops and their families who serve selflessly and sacrifice a lot, which is felt even more in these times of year.

Now it’s time for the Main Event (the Turkey of the Issue so to speak)… THE PICKS!

The Swami


Categories: Football

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