Swami the Magazine: Championship Week

Greetings and welcome to the Championship Week Edition of Swami the Magazine. Typically the Swami starts with platitudes and nonsense but this requires a breakdown of what we saw this past weekend:

1. Alabama/Auburn – Alabama left 14 to 21 points on the board in the first half. This game could have easily been over if they hadn’t made some boneheaded moves. And as the Guru has pointed out, the NCAA followed suit with the boneheaded move this week by opening up a huge loophole that says if your QB is a stud, you can shop him around to any University for any price and as long as you don’t tell the kid, he’s good and legal and can play in the SEC Title Game.

2. Georgia Tech/Georgia – When the other team scores 21 points on your turnovers and you still match them in Touchdowns, you probably are really dominating the game. Just a piece of advice… DON’T MISS AN EXTRA POINT!!! That being said, if you didn’t see it, the coaching on the last drive was a nice summary of the disparity in critical thinking between the schools. Georgia, up 1, ran a play instead of kneeling. Tech stood still and let them run in for the score, giving Tech a chance to tie it up. It’s all about using your head. Now if Tech wasn’t using a backup QB who played like one, that final drive might not have ended with a critical INT in Georgia territory.

3. Oklahoma/Oklahoma State – Bedlam reigned in this one. It was crazy. It was exciting. It was unpredictable. And just when it looked like OU had put it away on a long catch behind all defenders, OSU showed a ton of heart to take the kickoff back for a TD to pull them ever so close again. Only to blow the EXACT same coverage and give up another long pass-play. But even in a loss, the College Football Play of the Decade happened. If you have not seen it, you must find it on YouTube. The leaping out of bounds two-handed tip back to a teammate for the interception play was EPIC.

4. Boise State/Nevada – It’s really too bad that this game got over after 2am EST, but seeing the recap it’s clear this game was staggering. The teams traded blows, and when Nevada tied it up, Boise somehow threw a 60+ yard bomb, made the diving catch in the middle of the field and called a timeout with 1 second left. And then the all-time WAC scoring leader proceeded to miss a 26 yard chip shot of a field goal from the middle of the field. (Note: The Swami would have nailed this score EXACTLY if he had made that…). Then he proceeded to miss a 29 yarder in OT from the middle as well and Nevada came through. Unbelievable.

So, in summary, it was pretty much the best weekend of football this season. Hope you didn’t miss it!

Now for this week the Swami elected to pick a theme in his wheelhouse. For some reason Adam Baldwin (no relation to all of the others) has shown up in many movies and TV shows that the Swami enjoys and many of them are VERY quotable, so the Swami has dropped in some quotes from those shows/movies. The fun of the week is that if you can figure out where they all come from you will be awarded the Golden Magazine award! (just e-mail back with your guesses…first person with all of them correct is the winner!)

And for the kids picks this week the Swami wasn’t able to get that stellar analysis you are used to so instead he just captured what was coming of of James’ & the Swamette’s mouths throughout the week that help shed some light on how life is at Casa de Swami. Enjoy!

The Swami!


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