Swami the Magazine: NFL Playoff Preview

Greetings and welcome to a special NFL Playoff Preview Edition of Swami the Magazine. In order to look forward to what’s coming we must first look back at what was quite the eventful season. First, let’s see how the Random Thoughts Illustrated Kind-of-AccuPredict System© fared on the picks it generated during Week 3 of the NFL Season:

KoAP Results:

15 out of 32 (47%) of teams placed exactly where the system predicted within their division
10 out of 12 (83%) of playoff teams were predicted correctly
4 teams finished with the exact same record as predicted
12 other teams finished within 1 game of what was predicted

Tampa Bay and New England had the largest variances in wins vs. what was predicted with 4 & 5 more wins respectively.

Random Thoughts Illustrated NFL Award Winners

MVP: Tom Brady
(simply staggering how good he was once they jettisoned Randy Moss. Honorable Mention – Matt Ryan & Michael Vick)

Offensive Rookie of the Year: Sam Bradford
(he is something special and will be for years to come)

Defensive Rookie of the Year: Ndamukong Suh
(the Official Favorite Defensive Player of the Swami)

Coach of the Year: Raheem Morris
(Far and away the most shocking improvement in a team this year. Honorable Mention – Todd Haley)

Turnaround of the Year: (TIE)
Kansas City (Matched the win total of their 3 previous seasons combined with 10)
St. Louis (Surpassed the win total of their 3 previous seasons combined with 7)
Detroit (Tripled their win total of their 2 previous seasons combined with 6)

Playoff Outlook

The Swami has a few opinions on how this might go, should go, and will go. So what does that tell you? That he has no clue. But what he does have is a handful of guarantees for you prior to getting to the official predictions:

Bet Your Mortgage Guarantee #1: The Jets will NOT win the Super Bowl this year.
Bet Your Mortgage Guarantee #2: The Chiefs will NOT win the Super Bowl this year.
Bet Your Mortgage Guarantee #3: The Seahawks will NOT win the Super Bowl this year.

That all being said… who will?! Well here are the predictions that are guaranteed to be close but not completely accurate!

Wild Card Weekend:

Saints over Seahawks – This will not be a cake walk for the Saints just because of the crowd and the elements, but there is no good reason for them to not take care of business in the Pacific Northwest.

Packers over Eagles – In a shocker the Packers will be able to get to Vick enough to shake him up and Aaron Rodgers will lead a 4th quarter come-from-behind drive to win it for the Cheese-heads.

Ravens over Chiefs – The Jets were a lot better matchup for the Chiefs, so losing to the Raiders likely cost the Chiefs a chance to win a playoff game.

Colts over Jets – The Jets really can win this game, but in Indianapolis there are enough weapons for Peyton to use that should prove to be enough to get the job done. Addai is the key in this one.

Conference Semifinal Weekend:

Bears over Saints – Here’s one of those picks that goes against everything that the Swami’s gut is saying.

Falcons over Packers – My gut also says that a smart person would pick a wild card to advance, but the Swami refuses to pick against the Falcons in the 2nd round.

Patriots over Ravens – The Pats are on fire. I’ll give you a clue…Belichek is NOT losing this round.

Steelers over Colts – Injuries finally do in the Colts here.

Conference Final Weekend:

Falcons over Bears – It’s all about trusting the Home Field in this one. Roddy White with a huge game.

Patriots over Steelers – Brady keeps it rolling and the Steelers’ lack of an O-Line proves costly.

Super Bowl XLV:

Patriots over Falcons – I’d love to pick my beloved Falcons, but the Patriots just look too strong.


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3 replies

  1. Wait. How exactly do the Pats beat the Jets if the Colts already finished them off wildcard weekend? Or is the Swami just hedging bets on that game?

    • Yeah… this is why real columnists have editors… That erroneous analysis has been corrected now. Thanks for catching that.

      • Bummer – I was hoping the corrected analysis would setup another Patriots-Colts championship game. That being said, Steelers-Colts in the playoffs is almost as good and has been (for Colts fans) since that near miss in the ’95 AFC Championship game. With the injuries we’re just happy for whatever games we can get this year.

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