Swami the Magazine: Bowl Recap / Epic Fail / Year of the Guru

What does Epic Failure look like? That was the question that one of my readers asked recently. I would say that if you had to do a PowerPoint of Epic Fails you would probably just want to lead off with the Swami’s Bowl Predictions. While it is true that the Swami warned you that there was not a lot of research put into it, it’s still a massive disappointment. In fact the Swami’s of America have put him on 4 months of super secret probation. How bad was it? Well the Swami was 9-18 prior to an Oregonian flurry to get to 16-18 only to fall short (in true Duck fashion) in the finale.

Of equal importance, did the Swami edge the Guru? No. Part 2 of the Epic Fail. While the Guru wasn’t much better (17-18) he was a game better and that’s all that matters. So officially the 2010-11 NCAA Football season was “The Year of the Guru”. And thankfully it’s over…

Now, it would be one thing to just give you a recap of our picks (which by the way, I believe both of us would probably love to throw out the first 15 games and not touch them…ever again), but let’s break down another layer of supremacy. We all know that Auburn won the National Title and that Mississippi State came $180,000 from winning it. We also know that the SEC is the best conference in football, if by no other measurement than the 5 straight national titles. So let’s go a little deeper… who won the College Football State Championship?

Alabama 3-0
(You have to be the winner when you go undefeated, win the national title, and upset a Top 10 team in another bowl)
Florida 5-1
(Amazing feat getting 6 of 7 possible schools in a bowl game and going 5-1)
Oklahoma 3-0
(A BCS win, a beatdown, and a beatdown in a true road game. Nice going Okies)
New York 2-0
Washington 1-0
Idaho 1-0
Colorado 1-0
Louisiana 1-0
Nevada 1-0
Indiana 1-0
Iowa 1-0
North Carolina 2-1
Illinois 2-1
California 2-1
(with as many schools as they have it seems odd to only see 3 in…that puts them behind the other 2-1’s)
Kentucky 1-1
Maryland 1-1
Mississippi 1-1
Pennsylvania 1-1
Utah 1-1
Ohio 2-2
Oregon 0-1
Arkansas 0-1
Arizona 0-1
Virginia 0-1
West Virginia 0-1
Wisconsin 0-1
Hawaii 0-1
Kansas 0-1
Massachusettes 0-1
Missouri 0-1
Nebraska 0-1
Connecticut 0-1
Tennessee 0-2
Georgia 0-2
(Both teams lost to schools they shouldn’t have…way to have southern pride. It’s a good thing that two of your bordering states didn’t go 8-1 because that would really point to your ineptitude)
South Carolina 0-2
Michigan 0-2
Texas 2-4
(Seriously… you got 6 teams in and got the same number of wins as New York?!)

Well thanks for another great season! We here at STM truly appreciate your readership. Keep watching for more NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and other random posts in the future!

For your amusement, here’s how the Bowl picks turned out


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