Conference Championship Previews

First off, to everyone who has spent this week taunting the Swami about the way that the Falcons went down in flames… I’m wishing ill of you but I have no retort of any kind. There was nothing that the Swami could even say in response to Bill Simmons’ slam on Matty Ice’s nickname: “I have a new nickname for Matt Ryan: “Matt.” “. But since the Falcons are now at home eating bon bons, it’s time to get to this weekend’s games.

NFC Championship Game

Aaron Rodgers has played out of his mind so far this playoffs. The Packers are considered the favorite to win the Super Bowl. The Packers are hot and have been winning on the road all post-season. All of that definitely makes me believe that the Bears are going to ruin the TV ratings by winning this game. Bears 24-21

AFC Championship Game

The Jets are undeniably strong. And Rex Ryan has definitely been showing his coaching chops. But the reality is that the Steelers are at home and there is no QB in the league that I trust more with the game on the line in the 4th quarter than Ben Roethlisberger. (Granted, there are plenty of other situations that I don’t trust him in, but that’s beside the point). Steel-town gets it done.
Steelers 21-14

So there you have it, Steelers vs. Bears for the Super Bowl! And you know it’s going to happen because it’s on the internet and that makes it true, along with the fact that the Swami is 3-5 so far on his picks…it’s a lock!

The Swami!


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