The Official Super Bowl XLV Pick of The Swami!

Let’s start out with this… How ‘bout that Pro Bowl prediction!?! The Swami was money! (yeah, it’s one of the very few recent picks he can tout, so sue him!) And while we look back a bit, let’s check out a few more picks that the Swami made…

The Swami guaranteed that 3 teams would not win the Super Bowl, and they decided to bow out one round at a time. (Chiefs in the 1st, Seahawks in the 2nd, and Jets in the 3rd). They didn’t go out as soon as expected, but they did go out!

The Swami made 2 sets of Super Bowl picks… one before the season and one three weeks in. Well, if he’d put them together he’d have been amazing, but even so, out of his 4 teams picked, 2 of them made the Super Bowl (Pitt vs. Philly and GB vs. Indy)! Amusingly the two teams that the Swami picked to win those games? Green Bay and Pittsburgh.

So now it’s time to get serious, the Swami went through each position to really break down the matchups to see who is going to come out on top of this one. Each position was broken down ahead of time and then compiled to see how these would tip the scales and shape the Swami’s pick. Here you go:

QB: Rodgers vs. Roethlisberger: Very simply skills vs. intangibles…this will be a great test for those that argue both sides. Edge – Push

Jennings vs. Wallace – both big play guys that can change the game. Wallace has greater possibility of being a non-factor
Driver vs. Ward – Very similar. Tough 3rd down clutch. Ward is the best in the business at this role
Nelson/Jones vs. Rooks – Edge Packers

RB: Mendenhall/Moore vs. Starks/Kuhn/Jackson – Starks has been a revelation, and I trust GB more in short-yardage, but if I have to go into a game with a set of backs, I have a lot more confidence in the Steelers backs. Edge Steelers

TE: Miller vs. Lee – Very simply, Miller can be a game changer. Edge Steelers

OL: The Steelers are down 3 starters… gotta say I’m feeling Green Bay here, big. Edge Packers

DL: Very slight edge to Green Bay for Raji, but Hampton is a huge key for Pittsburgh as well. Edge Packers.

LB: Hawk and Matthews make a compelling case for Green Bay, but James Harrison threatened my family if I didn’t acknowledge that the edge goes to him, Woodley, Timmons, & Farrior. Edge Steelers

CB: Solid edge to the Packers with bonus points for their impact on the pass-rushing game. Edge Packers.

S: IF Polamalu is 90% or better then Pitt gets the edge. Otherwise it tips quickly to Green Bay. Edge Steelers.

K: Crosby gets a leg up here. Edge Packers

P: If Pittsburgh hadn’t lost theirs to injury, there would be an edge, but since that’s not the case… Push

Ret: Nothing of note. Push

Coaching: Experience and Success give it to Mike Tomlin. Edge Steelers

So without trying, it comes out as a push, which means that we have to figure out the more heavily weighted factors. To me those are:

1. The QB’s;
2. The WR’s;
3. The OL health;
4. The Coaches

Looking at that the only conclusion is a SLIGHT edge to Green Bay.

So the official pick of the Swami is: Packers 31-27

(Steelers fans [and Packers haters]… you can send all of your thank you messages to me starting now!)


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  1. Rodgers is a chump!

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