Random Super Bowl Observations

1. Perhaps you should put the words to the National Anthem on that ginormous TV as a safety net… I’m just sayin’

2. You should probably have someone more qualified than the e-trade baby run sound for the halftime show. And Tron should probably ask for their props back from the Black Eyed Peas.

3. When your name is Fox and you have a chance at the greatest moment in Super Bowl history, you HAVE to send Omar Epps to do the Mike Tomlin interview

4. Top 5 commercials: VW Darth Vader; Snickers Logging; Old TV Shows supporting the NFL; House’s Mean Joe Greene spin-off; Doritos “Grandpa”

5. Turnovers are a REALLY good way to make sure you lose the game.

6. Aaron Rodgers has definitely exorcised Favre’s presence from Green Bay

7. Greg Jennings is really fast on turf

8. Hines Ward is still the guy to go to on the Steelers when you need a huge catch

9. Bacon-wrapped Teriyaki Chicken skewers are a perfect Super Bowl food

10. It’s probably a sign of the apocalypse when the Swami’s pre-season Super Bowl pick and his Official Super Bowl pick are both right and his score prediction is within 2 points

Late Addition: It was great to see that the Steelers shook Doritos on Antwaan Randle-El’s career….


Categories: Football

2 replies

  1. Hilarious half time show tweet: https://twitter.com/thinkgeek/status/34440038255173632

    It references a running joke on BBC’s IT Crowd, an Office-esque take on the world of tech support:

  2. Well said – I think. Your comments make me wish I had seen more of the game! We had the youth group out for a Super Bowl party and (as usual), they had very little interest in the game so I saw little of it. So you picked Green Bay and Steelers pre Season and Green Bay to win and your guess on the score was within 2 of the actual? You need to head to Vegas guy!

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