RTI’s College Basketball Tip-off

Now that the NFL season is officially over…wait…quick tangent… in case you are wondering, we will not lose any games next season to a work stoppage. There’s too much money and things are going well enough to where there is no need. Just trust me. Ok, so now back to… oh…another quick aside… I DO fully expect the NBA to miss games next season due to a work stoppage. It’s not going nearly as well on that side of the sports landscape.

Ok, so let’s start this again. Now that the NFL season is over most of the country is waking up to the fact that the college basketball season is in full swing. So it’s incumbent upon the folks here at Random Thoughts Illustrated to get you caught up with what we know so far. But before that, a recent conversation with a colleague at work led me to ponder, how would you rate the conferences in this millennia? Is the ACC still tops? Has the Big Ten taken the throne? Is the Big XII coming to its finish line strong? Well we at RTI decided to break it down by tournament appearances, Final Fours, and National Championships. So, without bias, here are the raw numbers:

NCAA Tournament Appearances & Percentage of Conference Schools that made it:
Big Ten: 59 appearances (49%)
ACC: 56 appearances (48%)
Pac 10: 51 appearances (46%)
Big XII: 61 appearances (46%)
SEC: 59 appearances (45%)
Big East: 69 appearances (43%)

Years with a Final Four Team:
ACC: 8
Big Ten: 7
Big East: 5
Big XII: 4
Pac 10: 4
SEC: 3
C-USA: 3
Colonial: 1
Horizon: 1

Final Four Appearances:
ACC: 10
Big Ten: 9
Big East: 6
Big XII: 6
SEC: 4
Pac 10: 4
C-USA: 3
Colonial: 1
Horizon: 1

National Championships (% of championships since 2000):
ACC: 5 (45%)
SEC: 2 (18%)
Big East: 2 (18%)
Big Ten: 1 (9%)
Big XII: 1 (9%)
Pac 10: 0 (0%)

Some of the numbers were pretty surprising to me. I mean no one assumes the Pac 10 is a dominant basketball conference but to have the same number of seasons with a Final Four team as Conference USA and the same number of championships? And to think the Big XII has only had 1 Final Four team since 2004?! Very surprising. So when you spin all of the numbers what do we glean from this? We glean the
Official RTI Conference Rankings for the 2000’s!

Power Rankings:
Big Ten
Big East
PAC 10

And what does this all mean for THIS year? Absolutely nothing! Here’s the Cliffs Notes on what we know so far this season:

1. The ACC is TERRIBLE this year
2. The Big XII has two VERY good teams, one or two pretty good teams, and a bunch of mediocre teams
3. Ohio State is great and Michigan State is a colossal disappointment
4. 16 of the 64 teams in the Big East are very good
5. The Pac 10 is a step down from their normal, which isn’t great to start out with
6. The Mountain West has more Top 10 teams than the ACC, Pac 10, & SEC COMBINED
7. This is the first year with a 68 team NCAA tournament… expect plenty of Big East schools and plenty of non-BCS schools to be in the tourney

So there you have it. The countdown to the best postseason in sports is underway!!


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  1. Clarification… the ACC is historically terrible. They could have 5 tournament teams, but when that’s 5 of 12 teams when you used to get 7 or 8 of 9 teams in the tournament. That’s historically terrible.

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