Swami the Magazine: And So It Begins

After a summer of scandal it is time to give TMZ a break and finally start a new season where we actually only care about what happens on the field…it’s Season 13 of Swami the Magazine! For those of you not completely familiar with the way that STM works here is an overview, and also a couple of items that may help you read this better:

+ The Swami will pick most of the Top 25 games and some special interest games of STM subscribers each week. He adds some level of commentary and/or humor to each matchup.

+ The Guru (the official Brother and Legal counsel of the Swami) will pick one game against the Swami each week.

+ James and the Swamette (the official offspring of the Swami) will pick 4 NFL games (Kansas City, Atlanta, and two others) each week once the season starts.

Housekeeping notes:
1. The conference publicly referred to as the Big XII will be referred to here at STM as the Big Texas Conference, since it’s clear that only 1 school matters, and clearly there are not 12 schools.

2. We can’t call the Big X the Big Ten or the Big Eleven, so  we will use the same format as the new logo and the Big Ten will now simply be the B1G.

3. As far as we at STM go, Ohio State, USC, and Miami are guilty and will referred to as cheaters without any remorse or apology.

So there you have it. That’s how we roll here at STM and we couldn’t be more excited to return with… THE PICKS!!



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  1. Amazing work (quality, humor and scope)! How do you do it? I hope some major sports network picks up on you to make this more worth your while. Meanwhile, I’ll keep reading – and laughing – and losing money hand over fist as I follow your recommendations!

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