Swami the Magazine: Raise Your Glass

As week two comes upon us, The Swami has to stand up and acknowledge that he did a grave disservice to the STM family. Due only to a lack of knowledge, I left you all woefully unprepared for what was in front of you in week one. I know that we were 22 for 25 and that if you trusted the Guru more (as last year would have taught you) you would have gone 23 for 25, but you were still completely unprepared. There is no excuse for not warning you all about Maryland’s uniforms. Clearly if I had, they would have won the vote hands down. They were so bad they even trended on twitter. And for that lack of foresight, I owe you all an apology and I sincerely hope that you will forgive me.

Now that we have that out of the way, it’s time for Week 2’s picks. Now, it’s rumored that sometimes folks enjoy a beverage while watching football, so the STM staff decided to try to pair an appropriate beverage with each one of this week’s games. Just beware…they may not all be tasty. Oh, and before we move on, it’s a great privilege to have James & the Swamette back making their NFL predictions once again this season! So without further ado it’s time for The Picks!


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    & my C’boys were really good last night, too. Really liking the black uniforms!

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