Swami the Magazine: The Swami Strikes Back

Every week the staff at Swami the Magazine comes up with a new theme with which to deliver the type of analysis that you just don’t get from professional analysts and high class websites. No, we deliver what can only be found on a free blog written by people that definitively do not do this for a living and have no connections or inside sources. So with concern for keeping up those high standards and meeting the expectations of a discerning public, we have settled on giving you a Star Wars (the original 3… we don’t acknowledge that the others happened) quote that encapsulates each and every game this week. You can thank us later. But before we make the picks I have one reminder to the players on every team: “Do or do not. There is no try!”.

Editor’s Update: We meant to mention that since the Official Offspring of the Swami are too young for Star Wars, they elected to use quotes from Tangled


Until next week… The Swami!!


Categories: Football

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