Swami the Magazine: Premier Week

Greetings and salutations from the Taj Maswam! Well last week was an up and down week at the House of Swam, but the kids came out on top with a perfect week, so that made it a great finish. But there is no resting on our laurels, it’s time for another week. And in Hollywood this is Television Premier Week, and we here at Swami the Magazine thought we should correlate a current TV show with each matchup this week. (note that I said current shows… so when you see one listed below that you think has been stopped since the early 80’s, you’ll have to realize that they probably ran out of good ideas and actually brought back old shows that needed to stay dead). The kids, not wanting to feel left out, also came up with one of their shows for each NFL game as well. But first, it’s time for a sit down in The Swami’s Casa De Opinion:

Tonight’s topic in the Casa is the insanity of expansion, contraction, and that which took place between last week’s column and this week’s. In case you missed it, we’ve decided to do a recap: “We’re leaving!”, “Well, I’m coming too!”, “Lots of people want us!”, “Nobody wants us, will you please take us?!”, “Maybe we can be roommates”, “We don’t want you”, “We never wanted to leave anyway, we want to stay because we love our peeps”, “We’re only coming back if you kick out the doofus”, “The doofus has left the building!”.  Yep, that’s what Texas has reduced the entire college landscape to. If you could see me you would see my hand making the signal of an upside down Longhorn.

Now without any further ado… The Picks!!

Until next week… THE SWAMI!


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