Swami the Magazine: Gunman Afar (Anagram Fun!)

Hold still… HUUUUH! Ok, A&M was choking again so I had to do the Heimlich. Well last year, according to the good folks at Gallup, one of the favorite issues of Swami the Magazine was Anagram Week. Either that or this week’s episode of Castle inspired us to do it, but either way, it’s fun with anagrams again this season! We took the names of the schools in each matchup mashed them together and decided to see what we could come up with. It’s a lot like how the ACC has been put together. And in a week with some crucial matchups (Nebraska’s first B1G game, Elephants v Gators at the Swamp, etc.) there’s nothing that our readers want more that a week of bizarre phrases!

Now for a little actual analysis… It appears to the Swami that a few teams have begun to separate themselves from the rest of the pack. These are who the Swami is seeing as the true contenders for the National Championship:

Oklahoma State

Now the reality is LSU & Alabama won’t both be there at the end and neither will Oklahoma & Oklahoma State. So who does the Swami think will be? At this point the Swami’s best guess is Wisconsin vs. the Bedlam Winner. Obviously if an SEC school goes undefeated they will be in, but the Swami feels like there are some trip-wires that will keep that from happening.  Ok, so enough of real thought…it’s time for The Picks!

Programming Note: Stay tuned later this week for the Swami’s Baseball Post-Season Preview & 2011 Awards!

Until next week… THE SWAMI!


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