Swami the Magazine: Official 2011 Mascot Bowl

For as seemingly meaningless as they might appear to an outsider, mascots have been important figures in battles and rivalries dating back to when the Trojans celebrated taking possession of the Greeks’ mascot and not realizing that the mascot was the key to turning the battle. Since then Mascots have been the centerpiece of off-field hijinks, an occasional on-field battle, and various other parts of civilized combat. So not wanting to do anything but give them their due, the STM staff has made this the Official 2011 Mascot Bowl (and we thumb our nose at the folks at Capital One) and you will see how the mascot matchup mimics the on field matchups of the week completely. But first:

10 things I think I would think if I were allowed to think what I thought if Peter King hadn’t already coined that cleverness:

1. I didn’t know that Wisconsin’s version of the sea of Red involved a Husker blood pool…
2. Yellow Jacket fans are aware that no matter how high the ranking climbs, the stretch with Miami, Clemson, & Virginia Tech will return us to earth.
3. Oklahoma State needs to bag the White jersey/Grey pants combo. Go with the Black or Orange pants. The White/Grey is weak.
4. The Top 7 teams seem pretty stable… the rest of the field?! Not so much…
5. I’m not saying that Minnesota sports are reeling…but it is terribly difficult to figure out who is the worst out of the Twins, Vikings, and the U!
6. People may want to take note that Kansas State has two straight solid victories and are beginning to look like a Bill Snyder team again.
7. The ACC may want to note that Clemson seems to be something special this season. (At least ACC special which is definitively below SEC, Big Texas, & B1G special)
8. Ohio State should be commended for having suspended guys figure out how to get further suspended.
9. When you have a wide receiver confident enough to call for a jump ball regardless of being triple-teamed and the QB doesn’t think twice about throwing it there, you have something special. When he has a transformers nickname and went to Georgia Tech, you have the perfect storm of greatness. This would be why Calvin Johnson’s mural is being painted in the Random Thoughts Illustrated cafeteria.
10. Maybe Todd Haley should have made Cassel mad a couple of games sooner!

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Now, on with The Picks!

Until next time… THE SWAMI!


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