Swami the Magazine: Ridin’ High

The Swami is working remotely from the land of Walleye to bring you this week’s picks (and since you asked he’s also currently listening to The Letter Black while watching the World Series…but that’s not important at the moment). By this point in the season all of you are getting a good idea if your team is going to be riding high this year or if you are having buyer’s remorse and looking for a trade-in. (you may be sensing a theme…). It was in this mindset that the theme for this week’s column came like a dream to the Swami! (Editor’s Note: He’s a liar… Mrs. Swami is actually the one that gave him the idea…). So each matchup or a team in the matchup will be paired with a different type of car that seems appropriate. And for the record, most of them are great gift ideas for your favorite Swami if you ever end up filthy rich. Just sayin’.

Now on a side note, the Swami is uber-stoked because if all goes according to plan he should get to partake of this week’s clash between the Huskers of Lincoln, Nebraska and the Gophers of Gold from Minneapolis, Minnesota at the lovely TCF Bank Stadium. I’m sure there will be a recap/review next week here on RTI.

Ok, that’s enough lead-in and after as poorly as the Swami did last week, Gallup has determined that you need no further analysis so we will get straight to THE PICKS!!




Categories: Football

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