Swami the Magazine: Fortune 100

Greetings and salutations from the Taj Maswam! It’s been a long week in the RTI Executive Offices, but our tireless efforts will not be thwarted! We bring you this week’s picks just in the nick of time. Last week the Swami got the chance to see the grassroots, of-the-people, Occupy Wall Street protesters complete with iPhones to post pictures to Facebook of their fight against the oppression of big business while they drank their Starbucks. It was quite the moving picture of… well, you write the caption. Anyway, it was this demonstration that led us here at the Taj to honor companies from Fortune’s Top 100 by associating them with this week’s matchups.

But before we get to that… The Swami had the chance to take in the Husker/Gopher matchup at the lovely and modern TCF Bank Stadium in Minnapolis this past weekend. It was a very cool opportunity. The seats were phenomenal as I was parked on the 50 yard line behind the Husker bench. The people of Minneapolis were great and as hospitable as ever… with the exception of one person. Dunk guy? No. Student section? No. 60+ year old woman in front of me? Yes. Apparently Nebraska must have violated her family through the years as she took multiple opportunities to drop things like, “How much are you paying the Refs” and “I really loved how badly Wisconsin beat you guys and I hope Michigan State does too”.  As my very honorable Gopher fan friends that were with me can attest to, The Swami was on his best behavior and took the abuse and didn’t even say “scoreboard” once…even when it hit 34-0. But enough of that. There were three things that stood out in the game: 1) The reverse is apparently an under-utilized weapon. Nebraska used the traditional version to break off an 80+ yard run and break the game wide open, and Minnesota used a version of the reverse with a flea-flicker thrown in to get themselves on the board for the first time and ignite the crowd. 2) No matter how open his receivers are, it is very likely that Taylor Martinez will overthrow them. Not what I wanted to see coming into this week. 3) It’s clear that the play every coach needs to add to the playbook is the pitch back off the body of a running back so that it bounces forward out of bounds. BRILLIANT! Anyway, it was a blast, the stadium is beautiful, it was a beautiful day, Minnesotans are great, and thanks to Kyle’s airport shuttle the Swami made it back home to the Taj Maswam in time to see the MSU Hail Mary and OU’s shortfall. It was a fun day.

Ok, enough of that… without further ado, it’s time for the picks! (followed by the pics)


Here are a couple shots from last week…


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