Swami the Magazine: Sweet Tooth

It’s been a busy week at the STM Campus…or at least that’s what everyone keeps telling the Swami. However, every time I walk through the office everyone seemed to be working on all of the leftover candy from Halloween. Thankfully this lack of productivity inspired this week’s theme for the picks! (Editor’s note: Yet again, the truth is that Mrs. Swami had a hand in the theme). So for each matchup this week, you get a candy that seems appropriate for them. It’s entirely possible that the Swami’s own preferences may skew his associations, but we’re just going to call it creative license and let it slide. So, while I’m sure you may have a craving while you read, we hope that you will enjoy the picks this week.

Quick aside: The Swami had the surprise chance to take in the Chiefs/Chargers game with one of the suits (Lex) from the office Monday night at Arrowhead. It was truly epic. Later this week the Swami will give his full recap of the evening. 

Ok, that’s enough of a teaser. We have a week with No. 1 vs. No. 2 and that alone has the intensity at the STM campus and throughout RTI Nation cranked up! Not only that, you get the Guru vs. the Swami head to head on that game. Could it get any better? (Editor’s Note: Highly doubtful, so we’ll skip the rest of his hype and move along to the end…) It’s time for The Picks!!!


Until next time… THE Swami!!


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