Swami the Magazine: Holding Out for a Hero

We bid you greetings from the Château de Swami! Each week as we cheer on our favorite teams there are moments where we are on the edge of our seats, hoping that a hero will emerge to save them and bring us to our feet. For example, last week all Nebraska fans were hoping for a hero that actually had the ability to throw the ball overhand and over 10 yards with accuracy! Unfortunately that hero was wearing black and grey and was a few hundred miles away in Stillwater, OK. And this week Georgia Tech fans will be hoping for…well, the exact same thing on Thursday night. Oh, and with a side of a defense that can actually stop an opponent from time to time. So it was in this light that the Swami decided to make this week Superhero Week! Each game has been associated with a superhero that fits (at least in the twisted mind of the Swami they fit…) and you find out why. So let’s get to The Picks!! 

Until next time… The Swami!


Categories: Football

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  1. All hail the Swami & Swamettes!

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