Swami the Magazine: Championship Week 2k11

Welcome to Championship Week here at Swami the Magazine! This season Championship Week has some different flavors. First, there is no championship game for the Big under-Twelve for the first time since it expanded. Thankfully for them Bedlam will still keep them relevant. The Pac ## has it’s first title game as does the Big over-Ten. (Though I imagine that the leadership of the Pac didn’t envision a team in the first title game with a .500 record that just fired their coach and won’t make a bowl game). Meanwhile, by all reports, the only team locked into the national title game is a team not playing this week and that didn’t even win it’s division within its conference. Yeah, we’re going with “different” to describe this week’s lineup

So how do both players and fans get ready for games of this magnatude? They get ready the same way… they crank up the music and get excited! So this week the interns at Swami the Magazine scoured the internet to pick some of the most used stadium anthems that get folks amped up and put them together with the game that they fit best with. We hope that you will crank up your radio/cd player/laptop/iPod with your favorite tunes playing and sit back and enjoy as Swami the Magazine gets you ready for this Regular Season Finale. It’s time for….The Picks!!

Until the Bowl Preview Edition….THE SWAMI!!


Categories: Football

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