Swami the Magazine: Let’s go Bowling… Swami vs. Guru

Greetings to you all from everyone here at Swami the Magazine! We wrapped up the college football season in grand style with the Grinch apparently landing on the “nice” list and getting what he wanted for the postseason. His heart may have grown three sizes, but his wish-list was apparently written on toilet paper. Anyway, the end of the season brings a time of reflection, so it’s time to reflect on the performance of Team Prognostication here at STM:

The Swami’s Picks for 2011: 229-60 for a % correct of 79.2% – Decent, but probably not going to make SI or ESPN.com knock down the door with a contract in hand…

The Guru’s Take for 2011: 5-8 – After 3 years of the Guru winning, the Swami took care of things down the stretch to pull this one out and return to his winning ways.

James & the Swamette for 2011: 33-19 for a % correct of 63.4% – As preschoolers go, the kids are pretty good prognosticators.

So with that we wrap up the regular season and move on to the Bowl Season of picks. Now the official position of the legal department at Random Thoughts Illustrated is that you should by no means use these picks for any pools you are in (if you live in a state that allows that). I have no idea why they feel that way. Sure the Swami and Guru are both below .500 over the past two years combined, but past performance doesn’t have any bearing on future returns, right?! (Legal Department Disclaimer: Seriously people…these hacks make their picks in under 5 minutes almost a full month before the final bowl game… you want no part of these!) You should just ignore the doubters and trust that the Swami & the Guru will take good care of you!

Oh, and to spice it up this year, the Swami decided that instead of the bowls getting to choose their sponsors, he should get the rights. So with each game the Swami has applied his amazing marketing mind to find just the right pairing. So enjoy and be amazed by…THE PICKS!


Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us to all of you!


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