The 2012 Stone Cold Lead Pipe Lock(out) NBA Predictions

Well it felt like a good pun. In honor of the NBA deciding to start their season late, I felt like it was well within my rights to be able to release my NBA predictions late as well. (At least that’s the excuse that I’m likely to hold on tightly to). Last season truly was a season to remember. It began with Lebron’s defection to Miami (did you know that Miami doesn’t actually play on South Beach?! Maybe that’s the problem… In the finals Lebron’s talents were on South Beach instead of in the American Airlines Arena!) and that became the lightning rod that energized far more of the regular season than normal. And in the playoffs we were treated to a true team effort by the Dallas Mavericks complete with Dirk displaying  gutsy performances while injured and his teammates knowing exactly when to step up (though really, anytime Jason Terry wants to rain in 10 3-pointers I’m pretty sure the Mavs will take it).

So what will 2012 hold for us? It’s unlikely to be as good as last season, but there are still some real treats to be had. You don’t have to look any further than Los Angeles to see the potential. Oh, not the Lakers… we mean the Clippers (or as has recently been coined – Lob City). The additions of Chris Paul & Chauncey Billups to the backcourt have certainly energized what could be the most highlight-friendly team of the year. Also, the beast that resides in Oklahoma City seems even more ready to rise up and go to the next level. Oh, and that Miami team…yeah, they probably got even better. So with all of that said, let’s take a look at how the Conferences will shake out:

 Ok, so I was going to predict every team and the number of wins, but even I lost interest…so for those not listed…sorry. All I will say is that the T-Wolves definitely seem to be improved, so hold your heads up Minnesotans! Now on with the playoff predictions!

Eastern Conference Playoff Teams:

New York

Western Conference Playoff Teams:

Oklahoma City
San Antonio
LA Lakers
LA Clippers
Golden State

Eastern Conference Finals:
Miami over Chicago

Western Conference Finals:
Oklahoma City over San Antonio





NBA Finals:
Miami over Oklahoma City

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