Bowl Season in Review and NFL Divisional Playoff Picks

Two years ago the Swami was 1 game over .500 and last year he was 2 games under .500. The past two years the Guru was 1 game under .500 each year. And then the 2011-12 Bowl Season happened. The Swami stumbled out of the gate to a 1-3 start but then caught some traction and took off. The Guru? He took off immediately and never looked back. It was an unbelievable performance. What? You don’t believe me? You think I think that 2 games over .500 is unbelievable? Well, I actually might think that, but that is what makes this even more impressive. First, let’s get to the crowning… The winner of the head to head Bowl Picks is: THE GURU!

Guru’s Final Record: 24-11
Swami’s Final Record: 22-13

(Admittedly it’s easier to be a gracious loser when I still did well)

Ok, so what did we learn during the bowl season? (And I call it a season because it feels as long as an entire sports season).

  • We learned that it is possible to go to a bowl game and finish the season 6-8.
  • We learned that we were correct to assume that Stanford/Oklahoma St would be the best BCS game.
  • We learned that we were incorrect to assume that the Michigan/Va Tech game would be the worst.
  • We learned that when two great defenses collide you are perfectly happy when your kicker goes 5-7 on field goals.
  • We learned that we should REALLY hope that the Plus 1 system being discussed goes through. This year that would have given us Alabama/OSU and LSU/Stanford in the semi-finals with the winners playing a week later. THAT would be must see TV.
  • We learned that there really was no way to get the best title game matchup (Bama/OSU) under the current system.
  • We learned that you can’t sleep on Georgia Tech’s wide receivers… once they get to the NFL.
  • We learned that if you let Taylor Martinez & Tevin Washington throw100 passes against no defenders, they would still complete less than 50% of their passes.

And we learned a whole lot of other things, but the bowl season was so long we learned that the Swami has already forgotten many things that were learned.


Now moving on to the football season that is still going on….sadly it’s clear that the Swami did have a good pulse on what makes the Falcons tick and thus was 100% correct that they would choke over by the Jersey shore. (Perhaps they should work on figuring out how to gain 1 yard). It’s also clear that the Swami was correct that there was a blueprint for beating the Broncos…it just turns out that the Steelers opted not to use it. KUDOS!

Now moving on to this week… it’s the Divisional Playoffs which means we get 4 teams that have been sitting for a week and it’s likely that one of them will choke. Our bet? It’s either Baltimore or San Francisco that won’t be able to shake the rust off.  Oh, and a nugget (courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel’s cousin Sal Iacono) that will make Cowboys fans feel ill… Tim Tebow and T.J. Yates each have the same number of playoff wins as Tony Romo! Congrats guys!

Now we should get to The Picks!



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  1. Oh, last week’s predictions went 2-2 in the Wild Card Round…

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