Super Bowl Preview

It’s Super Bowl week and tens of people are waiting with great anticipation for what the Swami says will happen in the Super Bowl. Why has it taken so long to get the Swami’s opinion? Because he has flip-flopped more than Mitt Romney! Wait, wait… Let’s try that again. Why has it taken so long to get the Swami’s opinion? Because Joe Biden predicted that the San Francisco Giants were going to the Super Bowl!

Ok, we got the Election Year humor out of the way. But seriously, it’s been really hard to figure out how to predict this game. Both defenses are playing far better than the first time they met and both offenses are extremely potent. Both teams are fortunate to have escaped their conference championship games. Both secondaries are a weak spot for their team. Both coaches have rings already. Both QB’s are household names and have at least one ring as well. Their previous meeting came down to the last minute. So how does one pick?!

Well first you hit the low hanging fruit:

Best bet of the Game: Somehow an offshore sports book set the over-under at 3 ½ for the number of times they’ll show Peyton during the game. REALLY?! Last time Eli was in the Super Bowl they showed Peyton 5 times on the final drive!! And Peyton’s likely upcoming departure from Indy (the host city this week, mind you) has already been overshadowing most of the Super Bowl storylines! Trust me when I say TAKE THE OVER!!!

Now let’s really start breaking this down…

Coaching: There’s not a big enough difference to make too big of an impact here, but we’ll give the edge to the Patriots.

Quarterbacks: If this were a lifetime achievement award it’s Brady, but down the stretch this year Manning has been very good. If I need someone to break a tackle and make the throw it’s Eli for sure. If it’s the coolest under pressure I have to go Brady. The reality of it? In 2012 they’re even. Push.

Receivers: This will be short. 3 of the 4 best receivers on the field Sunday will be with Eli. Advantage Giants.

Clutch: No one has been more clutch in the 4th Quarter than Ricky Rubio. Advantage Timberwolves.

Running Backs: Straight up it’s the Giants by a mile, but with how New England uses theirs then you at least have to pause to consider it. Briefly. Nope. Still the Giants.

Tight Ends: This will be even shorter. The 2 best Tight Ends will be Brady’s favorite targets. Pats take it.

Scoring: I’m pretty sure Brandon Weedin just hit Justin Blackmon yet again! Advantage Oklahoma State.

Defensive Line:  The Ends go to the Giants but the way that Wilfork has been playing of late I think the Pats take the tackles. But overall I’m going to have to give the edge to the Giants.

Secondary: It’s a lot like asking if you would prefer a black eye or a broken finger. But I’ll take the Pats by a smidge.

Which of course leaves us in a tie. So when all else is equal I have to go against the team that won the first matchup. Why? Unscientifically it just feels like the team trying to win twice loses over 50% of the time, so I’m going with that. How’s that for a less than confident prediction!?!

Your 2012 World Champion…..

New England Patriots 30-26 


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