Random Thoughts from Super Bowl Weekend

I didn’t want to rehash what everyone on earth has said about the Super Bowl, so I kind of just let my mind go stream of consciousness for this edition of Random Thoughts:

The Border War (Kansas vs. Missouri for those of you not in the midwest) was a great tune-up for the Super Bowl. Awesome back and forth game between long-time rivals. Uber-clutch shooting down the stretch…especially by Marcus Denmon. (Note to Conner Teahan… you may not want to poke Denmon in the future and wake him up…) Ahhh… it’s what makes College Basketball great. Of course the best part was earlier in the day seeing Kim English put Jack Harry in his place (this is likely only relevant to Kansas City residents who tire of Jack’s inane blather). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1p7bVohwGo

Call 2011-2012 the Season of Manning. In Indianapolis we realized that Peyton is even better than his 4 MVP’s and 1 Super Bowl title indicate. He clearly has been doing it with a sub-par team around him (aside from a couple of talents, such as Dwight Freeney). And all Eli did was win 7 of the team’s 11 wins with 4th Quarter go-ahead drives including two over the Patriots and one of those on the biggest stage while winning his 2nd Super Bowl MVP. And he completed 75% of his passes in the Super Bowl to boot (while threading some PRETTY tight needles). No I don’t think he surpasses Peyton in greatness, but I’m comfortable in saying that he’s pulled up beside him this year. Oh, and uh… I think we can give Archie Manning the title of Greatest Quarterbacks Coach…EVER.

Could it have been more fitting than to have the biggest catch be from Manning to Manningham? If you look back in history, the –ham on the end typically means “homestead, village, etc”. So basically you have Manning throwing to the Home of Manning! Yep, I’m a goober.

Before anyone starts throwing out things like the Pats have “tarnished their legacy”, do keep in mind that in both of these losses, they had the lead with under 2 minutes to go. And in this one, had Peyton not been messing with the Pats receiving gloves (they were in his locker room after all), it’s likely that the Giants wouldn’t have pulled this off. And 3 titles in 5 appearances for Brady & Belichek is something I think most franchises would take in a heartbeat.

The Most Important Moments in the Game:

  • Brady’s intentional grounding Safety (2 points for NY)
  • Victor Cruz’s fumble & Pats recovery negated by 12 men on the field penalty. (7 points for NY)
  • The end of the first half drive by the Patriots that seemed to suck the life out of the Giants.
  • Every punt by Sean Weatherford. Field position killed the Patriots.
  • Cee Lo looking better in a dress than Madonna
  • Welker’s drop on a play that would have extended the clock killing drive, gotten the Patriots almost to field goal range, and really made the Giants pay for misusing their timeouts earlier in the half.
  • Manning to Manningham. Manning to the jugular.
  • Drops by Hernandez & Branch.

21-17 is the 15th most common score in NFL history out of 996 combinations that have occurred at least once (Did you know that 59-0 has happened 4 times?!). 21-17 has happened 96 times. It has happened exactly twice in the Super Bowl. What’s surprising about this? In both cases the 21 points were comprised of 2 touchdowns, 2 field goals, one missed PAT, and a safety.  (source: Seth Myers)

The College Football and Professional football championship teams each scored 21 points. But instead of it being the logical 6 TD’s, it ended up being the sum total of 3 Touchdowns, 7 Field Goals, 1 missed extra point, 1 missed two point conversion, and a safety.

Am I the only one that didn’t realize that the Rooney Mara, actress from The Social Network and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, is the Great-Granddaughter of both the founder of the Steelers and the founder of the NY Giants?!  Talk about football royalty! (And yes I realize her name does tip you off to this fact, I just didn’t know it!)

I don’t think it’s possible that anyone could be loathed in New England more than Bernard Pollard. ’08 he takes out Brady for the season (and ultimately leads to the Chiefs trading for Matt Cassel). ’09 he takes out Wes Welker for the playoffs. And this year he hurts Gronkowski enough to render the record-breaking Tight End moot for the Super Bowl. I think at this point Belichek either needs to sign him just to protect his players, or put a hit out on him. Or at least ask him to tackle Gisele.

Rumor I want to start: Bridget Moynahan was the one who shot the video of Gisele running her mouth.

I’m pretty sure that cat lovers are angry at Doritos at the moment.

On the horizon? Only 2 weeks until the Daytona 500 and Pitchers & Catchers report in baseball!! Enjoy KU/Baylor and Duke/UNC tonight!


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  1. You forgot Manchester United v Chelsea earlier on Super Sunday. Things looking good for Chelski, up 3-0 in the 2nd half. Then two Chelski penalties and a powerful header by J. Hernadez and United are out of Stanford Bridge with a point.

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