Swami the Magazine: College Football Preview

In a study of everyone within a 1,551,480 square centimeter area surrounding the Swami, it was determined that when readers look at a College Football Preview issue they really only care about their teams and then the eventual champions. So what the good folks here at Swami the Magazine have decided to do is put out a college football preview that contains ONLY that information. Now, on the off chance you read this and say, “Hey, my team isn’t in here!” (Yes, I’m talking to the Iowa fans…) all we can do is give you a look of haughty derision and explain that the Swami fell asleep before he could add you to the cute little picture. (Editor’s Note: But if he were forced to, he would have predicted a 9-3 season for your beloved Hawkeyes).

Anyway, all that being said, here are the RSCFBSDPfSRoERttS’ :


And because there is very little that has been done in the Casa de Prognostication that wasn’t a competition between the Swami and the Guru, here are the guys’ picks for each division and conference champion (for conferences deemed to possibly matter) as well as their picks for the final BCS champion decided by something other than at least a four team playoff:

And yes, this does make it seem very likely that we will see an Oregon vs. LSU title game. But anyway, the best news is that this all signals that the season is upon us!! Good luck and may the University of Georgia lose as much as possible!!

Until next time… The Swami!



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