Swami the Magazine: Toupee or Mullet (pronounced Moo – lay)

Jealousy in the workplace is an ugly, ugly thing. And as much as the folks at StM live in a bubble similar to those who work at other great corporations like Pixar Animation Studios, there are times when jealousy even creeps in at our campus. As the staff was preparing for this week’s magazine it was clear that The Swami was going to have to address the elephant in the room. He began the staff meeting by doing just that, with a plea that everyone get over their jealousy of his hair. Of course that served as inspiration for this week’s Mag theme! There are as many hairstyles as there are people that adore them and we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate them than to pick a hairstyle that fits each matchup of this week just perfectly. Oh, and to show you how awesome this week’s column is, Chuck Norris suggested that we include his mullet. Chuck Norris defies you the say anything bad about it.

Of course if you want something to talk bad about, the Swami and Guru are completely ok with you bashing the QB play in the overtime portion of the Georgia Tech-Virginia Tech game on Monday night by Mr. Tevin Washington. After shocking Tech fans the world over by being surprisingly accurate on the go-ahead drive, Tevin regressed back into his previous form with a ridiculous flip into double coverage in the end zone when Tech was within field goal range. Also, if you want to rip Tech’s defense for playing very well all game and then deciding to not wrap up tackles with the game on the line, that’s also fair game. No one will stop you. [Editor’s Note: at this point the Swami was reduced to fits of rage and tears for the rest of the day… so we’ll just take you to the picks]:


Until next time… The Swami!!


Categories: Football

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