Fantasy Whiplash – Week 1

Here at RTI we tend to write Whiplash columns for when your thoughts going into a season change so fast it gives you mental whiplash. Well, it seemed like a good idea to start doing some of these types of columns related to Fantasy Football since those opinions change faster than hot butter sliding off a bald monkey. So this week, let’s look at the stand out week one performances that have people talking and determine if you should be all in, cautiously optimistic, keep the same opinion, or stay away.


Peyton Manning – Peyton looked like the Peyton of old on Sunday night against a good defense. I don’t think there is any reason to be concerned about him going forward. That being said, even before his injuries, he was typically ranked out of the top 5 which is probably where he should stay. But if you don’t have a top 5 QB you should be very happy and comfortable with Manning. ALL IN

Matt Ryan – Ryan looked very good against a depleted Chiefs defense and put up serious fantasy numbers. Based on the approach the Falcons used I think it’s fair to assume that he will see an uptick in fantasy production, but Sunday’s numbers are artificially high. CAUTIOUSLY OPTIMISTIC

Robert Griffin III – I’ve been an RGIII fan from the start (as displayed by my drafting him in half of my leagues), but I definitely didn’t see this coming. I think you can feel good that he will put up solid numbers, but Week 1 will likely be one of his top 3 weeks all season. The encouraging part is that he wisely took the short plays and didn’t try to force things. His ground game was also very good on Sunday. His over 70% completion percentage in college is an indicator that I think you can predict that he will likely have success this season. I think he can definitely be a fantasy starter this year, but don’t expect Top 5 numbers all season. CAUTIOUSLY OPTIMISTIC

Matthew Stafford – Don’t freak out yet. Stafford had a bad week. He’s better than that. NO CHANGE

Mark Sanchez – I don’t buy it. Give Holmes time to be moody and Hill time to drop a key pass or two and things will normalize. He’s a fantasy backup and nothing more. Watch for Pittsburgh to give him a much tougher time this week. STAY AWAY

Joe Flacco – My biggest disappointment in my auction draft was that when Flacco came up, I didn’t have enough left to be able to win the bidding. I’m a big believer in him this season, to the tune of me predicting the Ravens in the Super Bowl this season. I think that this game is an indicator of things to come. ALL IN

Running Backs

C.J. Spiller – It doesn’t take much to make me a believer in Spiller, but that hearkens back to when he was at Clemson and would run for over 200 yards every time he played Georgia Tech. He even pulled nearly 300 yards in a game where he had a bum ankle. So with Fred Jackson out and some favorable matchups during the next 3 or 4 weeks, you should be able to start C.J. with confidence for the first quarter of the season. ALL IN

Stevan Ridley – I was high on Ridley coming in, but for some reason never could get in a good position to draft him. Definitely my loss in week 1. I think it’s fair to say that New England has the option to have a primary back this year in Ridley that could be consistent. While I don’t fully trust Belichek to not throw us a curve ball, I think that Ridley is at least a solid Flex play with the potential to be a #2 back given the carries. CAUTIOUSLY OPTIMISTIC

Any New Orleans Running Back – Just simply… RUN AWAY

Alfred Morris – The only thing you can say is that he’s likely to get the most carries this coming week. That being said, it’s almost a certainty that in the next few weeks there will be a week where he only gets 5 carries and Helu pulls down 14 for 100 yards and 1 TD. It’s just how Shanahan works. Plus, Griffin could easily have a decent number of carries per week, so I don’t know that you can count on many similar weeks. If he’s available, he’s worth a pick-up, but I wouldn’t be trading away any of your running back depth if it means counting on him all season. CAUTIOUSLY OPTIMISTIC

Studs returning to form – If you have Peterson, Gore, Murray, Charles, Foster, or Forte you should be just fine. CAUTIOUSLY OPTIMISTIC

Shonn Greene – Don’t let the points fool you, I can’t see them giving him that many chances every week. And with 27 carries, he still couldn’t get to 100 yards. Even though it’s a contract year which may give him a bump in motivation I’m probably going to have to trust my gut on him. STAY AWAY

Wide Receivers

Kevin Ogletree – Uhhh… he’s not going to be Calvin Johnson. Now that being said, if you look at the performance of Laurent Robinson last year as the Cowboys’ #3 that may be what you can look for out of Ogletree this year. So if you are hoping that he’s the next Victor Cruz, you should probably lower your expectations, but if you are looking for a Robinson type to fill out your depth, he’s probably worth the move. CAUTIOUSLY OPTIMISTIC

Stephen Hill – Again, it depends on what you are hoping for. He won’t be putting up these numbers every week, but I think this did show that he will have a major part in the offense. If your expectation is around what you will get from Demaryius Thomas then that is probably fair. If you are hoping for A.J. Green as a rookie, you will probably be quite disappointed. And look for at least one big week winning catch get dropped by him during the season. CAUTIOUSLY OPTIMISTIC

Julio Jones – It was almost laughable watching from the stands as Julio found holes all over the Chiefs secondary. The truth is that I think Jones will likely be the Falcons’ #1 fantasy WR this year. Don’t take that as a hit on Roddy, as I believe he will still put up very good numbers, but Julio will likely get a few better CB matchups and he seems completely ready to exploit them this season. Couple that with more passing and less rushing this year from the dirty birds, and I think you will see great things from him. ALL IN.

Calvin Johnson & A.J. Green – No worries. They will be great. If their QB’s hadn’t been throwing more to the other team than to them they would have been stellar. NO CHANGE

Randall Cobb – He had a great week and definitely has the potential to have another couple of them this year, but I don’t think there’s any way he is a consistent week to week performer that you can count on unless there is an injury that opens that door for him. STAY AWAY

Lance Moore – Ok, so he’s probably not a Top 5 receiver, but he was a decent performer last year and now with him a slot higher on the depth chart this season I do believe he will be a solid fantasy performer going forward. CAUTIOUSLY OPTIMISTIC

Pierre Garcon & Jeremy Maclin – This week definitely sealed that they should be solid guys this season. This week was probably on the higher end of what they will give you, but they could each have a couple more weeks like this in them. NO CHANGE

Jeremy Kerley – This was a direct result of Sanchez’s otherworldly game and will likely only be duplicated if Sanchez has a few more like that. STAY AWAY

I guarantee that this will be 100% accurate, at least until the games start this week. We’re not quite sure how frequently we’ll drop in fantasy columns at this point, so your feedback on this is greatly appreciated. Happy Hunting and may the waiver wire be ever in your favor!


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