Twitter Mayhem – Touchception Fallout

It can be a very fun time to live in the social media age. The instant reactions, trending topics, and flood of public opinion leads to phenomenal quotes and comedy gold. Last night’s officiating debacle in the NFL led to an explosion of reaction unlike few that have come before. I wasn’t watching the game at the time but when Twitter exploded I had to check out what happened. The continued fallout has dominated the water cooler talk today and in light of that, I thought it would be fun to compile many of my favorite tweets or at least ones I found interesting from the past 12 hours:

@TravisxAnderson – …who at Buffalo Wild Wings hit that button tonight?

@ngoogleh: apparently it’s a touchdown if you catch the person who caught the ball”

@DShulman_ESPN: Other than Tate pushing Shields to the ground and Jennings making the interception, the refs really nailed it.

@TroyAikman – These games are a joke.

@SI_PeterKing – One of the great disgraces in NFL history.

@WolfpackAlan – “After further review, the player did not touch second base. Repeat 5th down!” -NFL Replacement Refs

@wrightthompson – I’d love to be in the Seattle press box right now. Nothing like the sound of coffee being brewed and swords being sharpened …

@wrightthompson – Tomorrow is when the refs’ negotiator should ask for a fleet of Gulfstreams painted in zebra stripes, with yellow landing gear.

‏@swish41(Dirk Nowitzki) – Not gonna watch another nfl game until real refs r back. What a farce

@ArianFoster – Drama. Great for business. Godspeed, Ed Hochuli.

@wrightthompson – For our brothers and sisters in the Seattle press box, here ya go:

@JTSooner24 – The Replacement Refs just ruled that Paper beats Scissors

@mcuban (Mark Cuban) – I would love to see what my reaction would be if a Mavs game ended like #MNF. #Expensive #NBAtime

@TheTweetOfGod – I am with Mary right now, and she’s ASHAMED to have been hailed for that.

@wrightthompson – I bet the discount double check means something completely different now #fullpricelooksgood

@mortreport – If only some of these execs and coaches weren’t mandated to keep their mouths publicly shut on officials, you would be enlightened.

@TornCartledge – Savannah State University officials voted for the Replacement Refs as Most Overmatched Team #NewESPY

@alpha1906 – BREAKING – JaMarcus Russell eyeing return to NFL after discovering games can be won by throwing interceptions.

@MattSchaubsLobe – If I had belonged to Hoculi, I’d be expecting some BLING soon!! #Payday #EarLobeProblems

@TonyGonzalez88 – I’ve been saying give the refs a break but that TD call was ridicules[sic]. How do you miss that? Pop Warner refs would have gotten that right.

@roddywhiteTV – If I was the old refs I would holdout for more money after this lol

@bubbawatson – All @nfl fans watch the Ryder Cup this week, we got no refs. #USA

@AdamSchefter – So what do we call last night’s game? The Inaccurate Reception? The Fail Mary? Any ideas…?

@TornCartledge – Happiest man in sports? Bud Selig #BestCommissionerInSports #NeverThoughtIWouldSayThat


I also wanted to give you an object lesson that MIGHT support that the interpretation of Pass Interference was a bit off last night:

First, I wanted you to know that THIS was called as Defensive Pass Interference last night (please note that Green Bay is on Defense)

And this was NOT called offensive pass interference (the sequence goes from push to stages of falling…and yes, poor Sam Shields was involved in both plays)







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  1. Really the worst officiating since Muinch, 1972. The WWE has better officiating.

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