Swami the Magazine: The Summons

First… I know this is primarily a college football column, but I have to say a hearty “Welcome Back!” to the NFL officials. It’s really nice to have that story behind us. Sure there will be bad calls, but the insanity, the extra 30-45 minutes wasted per game (making some games as long as a Red Sox/Yankees game), and the marking penalties off from the wrong 44 yard line will be a thing of the past. And quite frankly, we happily get more close-ups of Ed Hoculi’s guns.

We’re now only about a week away from having most of the cheap non-conference games out of the way and many of the leagues are starting to give us some nice conference matchups, so we are starting to hit our stride. Who isn’t hitting his stride? The Guru. Swami the Magazine’s famed Lawyer-Prognosticator can’t seem to catch a break of late. I’m not saying he’s been hit with a lot of illnesses, but Typhoid Mary called and suggested he stay in quarantine. So the crew at StM (after expressing thanks that the Guru’s office is over 250 miles away) wanted to do something to perk him up, and since we are nothing if not a democracy, we voted to either buy him a vacation to Hawaii or have this week’s theme pay homage to him. It was close, but the homage won the vote (lucky Guru!). So this week’s games will be paired with a novel by the incomparable John Grisham. As Dr. Rajesh Ramayan Koothrappali points out, “[Grisham] was a lawyer himself so his novels are accurate as well as entertaining.” So here’s to you Guru Cartledge, Esq. May you feel better after reading… The Picks!

(Warning: Making any correlations between the books and the picks results in very cheesy commentary. This week there is more cheese than a Packers home game.)

Until next time…. The Swami!

P.S. The Swami has decided to pick the NFL helmets from a particular year each week going forward (provided the team existed) just for fun. This week’s helmets are circa 1978… the year of The Swami’s birth


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  1. You missed a layup on Georgia = King of Torts. Their players have been playing King of the Mountain in that regard for years now.

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