Swami the Magazine: What’s in a Name?

What’s your name? Where did it come from? Did your parents have a good reason for choosing your name? Were your parents whack-jobs that named you Moon Unit or Blanket? Kal-El or Pilot Inspektor? Fifi Trixibelle or Sage Moonblood? Moxie Crimefighter or Jermajesty? (If so, the official mother of the Swami may be available for counseling).  Some parents find it fairly easy while others struggle to settle on just the right name for their bundle of joy. Thankfully for me, Mrs. Swami made the process easy for James & the Swamette (Swamette was both of our first choice for a girl). Of course even if you like a name you still may end up with a nickname. Like how my name is Torn Cartledge but my penchant for prognostication gave me the moniker of The Swami. This topic came up around the water cooler at the StM headquarters this week and we decided to take a look at some nicknames. Specifically we wanted to compare the state nicknames of the schools involved in this week’s matchups. So this week’s picks are heavily colored by which state has the better nickname.

Editor’s Note: If a state has more than one school with a game, the StM staff may have also elected to use a second nickname, or perhaps a former nickname that has been used historically.

But before we get to the picks, I want to throw out some kudos. Kudos to:

  • Nebraska for last week’s great comeback. From Husker Nation…please don’t get in that kind of hole against Ohio State.
  • The Oakland Athletics for your amazing 2nd half, coming from 13 back to win the A.L. West, sweeping the Rangers to finish it off.
  • Miguel Cabrera for winning the first Triple Crown since 1967. (And the Royals fans for their classy reception)
  • The Washington Nationals and Baltimore Orioles for giving the country something to like and cheer for in the D.C. Area (aside from the Chief of Staff of the Office of the County Administrator at Loudoun or the StM approved Mapping Program Specialist at FEMA)

Ok, enough tangents, it’s time for The Picks!

Until next time… The Swami!


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