Swami the Magazine: B-L-U-E Spells Blue

As a parent there are influences that you have on your children, and then there are things that your children bring into the home courtesy of school or friends or other events that influence you. Currently the kids have brought home a large variety of color songs from kindergarten and preschool, so recently the Swami has been heard walking into the StM offices humming things like:

R-E-D, red;  R-E-D, red.
I can spell red, I can spell red.
Fire trucks are red,
Stop signs are red, too.
R-E-D, R-E-D.

Or perhaps the old classic (to the tune of Jingle Bells):

Cotton Candy, Fat Pink Pigs,
Girls With Socks And Bows
P-I-N-K, P-I-N-K That Is How It Goes
Bubble Gum, Valentines
These Are All Pink Too
Pink Icing And Pink Balloons
We Can Spell Can You?

And now I’ve hopefully gotten one of these stuck in your head so you experience a little piece of the glamorous life of a Swami. Oh, and if for some reason you are curious about some of the other songs, here’s a link for you: http://rg022.k12.sd.us/color_word_songs.htm.

So now you are probably asking what on earth that has to do with anything. Well it got colors bouncing around in my head and, on the heels of a 13-7 performance last week, made me wonder if I should stop trying to use logical analysis to pick games and use color choice of the teams involved instead. So to test this theory The Swami asked the Swamette to do a little more prognosticating than normal this week. She was simply given two colors for each game and she was asked to pick a color. This way we can compare her picks to The Swami’s this week and see who does better.  So let the experimenting begin! It’s time for The Picks!

Until next time… The Swami!


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  1. Hmm…14 points is too many for the Tigers of Columbia.

    Big Big game at Arrowhead on Saturday as #7 Northwest Missouri State takes on #1 and defending National Champion Pittsburg State. BuckeyeWill, BulldogAndy, and The Teacher all see GREEN. Northwest 24, Pittsburg of Kansas 21.

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