The Artie Awards – MLB 2012

Award season is fast approaching (and I’m not talking Oscars or Emmys) so it seemed appropriate for The Swami & The Guru to publish our ballots for all of the Major League Baseball end of season awards. Interestingly the only player awards that we agreed on were the awards where the recipient’s name rhymes with Rout, but ultimately we don’t disagree by much other than whether a closer should win the NL Cy Young award, and let’s just say that the pros & cons of that discussion would be a 4500 word article from the two of us that you just don’t want any part of, so the RTI editors have spared you. (You probably now owe them Christmas cards).

Now before we get to the awards, I do want to throw a couple of League Championship Series thoughts out at you:

While A-Rod bashing has been a hobby of mine (and let’s be honest…it’s pretty easy when he keeps feeding us shining examples of his focus and dedication:, I would like to point out that the Yankees struggles are much deeper than his performance. Here are some of their key folks’ postseason batting averages so far:

  • Robinson Cano – .083
  • Curtis Granderson – .103
  • Alex Rodriguez – .130
  • Nick Swisher – .154
  • Russell Martin – .172
  • Derek Jeter – .333 (Only included to point out how badly his broken ankle hurts…)

Now on the NL side, my favorite note so far was Marco Scutaro’s response to a question about his reaction to Matt Holliday’s apology call after his fairly dirty slide into second base that injured Scutaro. I won’t directly quote it, but the sentiment was something equivalent to the feelings one might have after having someone break into your house, steal your T.V., pee in your Cheerios, and then call and tell you “My Bad”. Priceless.

Ok, enough of that, here are the annual Artie Awards (get it… RTI… Artie… Just go with me here…) – with apologies to ESPN’s Jayson Stark for using his concept of a Cy Yuk award… Hey, it was a good idea…


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