Swami the Magazine: ACTION!!

One of the most common questions that The Swami is asked when interviewed by the hoards of media that descend on the StM campus each week is ‘How do you come up with the theme each week for your picks?’. It’s a great question but it’s such a complex and intellectual endeavor that it takes longer than a single interview to describe the process. (Editor’s Note: Actually the half hour of silence as The Swami tries to come up with a good answer is usually enough to end each interview). But this week, I’ll let you take a peek behind the curtain. (Editor’s Note: In other words, he actually has an answer). When I was thinking about my favorite college football games to watch I was trying to determine if I like the action-packed games or the dramatic games more. Obviously if you can get a combination of the two it’s ideal, but if I have to take one over the other I’ll take action every time. So clearly that thought process takes a stream-of-consciousness stroll from Action games to Action movies to Action movie actors, and voila! A theme for the week! So this week we have assembled a collection of action movie stars, both young and old, that best associate with this week’s matchups. So after doing my brilliant analysis… I now REALLY want to go on an action movie binge, so if you’ll excuse me, I’ll let you get to The Picks and I’ll get some popcorn and a movie…

Until next time… The Swami!!


Categories: Football

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