The Weekender (Oct. 20-22)

Wow…that was quite a weekend. I’d do a summary lead-in, but I’ve been wrapped up doing other things at the moment so we’ll get straight to the Good and the Bad and what you have to look forward to this coming weekend.

BONUS: Have you ever wanted a behind the scenes look at what goes on at Swami the Magazine leading up to each weekly column? Well the folks at RTI have obtained access to the StM internal version of Facebook and want to give you, the loyal reader, a look behind the curtain of what leads up to each week’s column. (Editor’s Note: I have to note here that this conversation may or may not have really taken place… we’d hate to get sued by the Guru). Here you go

The Rising

The San Francisco Giants – Down 3 games to 1 the Giants somehow transformed into both a loose and defiant team that would not be denied. You could talk about amazingly gutsy pitching performances or a myriad of guys that stepped up when needed, but the face of this series has to be Marco Scutaro. Acquired just before the trading deadline from the Colorado Rockies, Scutaro hit over .360 in his time in San Francisco to help the Giants lock down the division. In this series? Despite Matt Holliday taking him out with a slide that was against the principals of all written and unwritten rules of baseball in game 2, Scutaro hit .500 in the series and continued his 10 game postseason hitting streak. He embodied everything that carried the Giants to victory. And as a screenwriter would have written it, he also caught the final out of the NLCS. (Side note: He also carried The MMMP fantasy baseball team to a championship… but only I care about that…)

Collin Klein – Even coming into the weekend the majority of folks would have said that the QB in the K-State/West Virginia game that was at the top of the Heisman heap would be Geno Smith. Afterward? Geno very well may not get an invitation to New York. Collin Klein? Barring an unforeseen collapse he should not only get an invitation, but he’s now got to be considered the front-runner.

The Degenerate Gamblers Who Keep Betting on Seattle – Seriously, how lucky can you get? Replacement refs swing the outcome and the betting outcome of the Green Bay game, and then in the San Francisco game the Seahawks gave up a safety in the waning moments that would have put the game over the spread, but (for very good reasons) the 49ers declined the penalty and took the safety off of the board, allowing the Seahawks to cover the spread.

Atlanta Thrashers Fans – All of the Thrasher fans that are bitter about the move to Winnipeg are pretty pleased that the fans in Winnipeg aren’t getting to watch a single hockey game more than the folks in Atlanta are! The Decennial NHL Lockout everybody!!

Pandora – The internet radio provider got some nice love from the best Saturday Night Live skit of the weekend (kudos to Bruno Mars for his performance on this one).

Gator Nation – #2 in the BCS standings after beating The Old Ball Coach in the Swamp on Saturday. Will Muschamp has to be pretty happy as the chants of “Urban Who?” get louder in each passing week. The Gators are looking poised for an epic showdown with Alabama in the SEC Championship game.

Whatever Offense is Facing West Virginia or Texas Tech Next – Seriously… any defensive minded person should go ahead and start sending your résumé to Lubbock, TX and Morgantown, WV. And if your offense needs a confidence boost, you should definitely try to put these guys on your schedule.

Duke – Congrats to the Blue Devils for ending one of the 5 longest Bowl Eligibility droughts in college football!

Taylor Martinez – T-Mart delivered in a big way in the 4th quarter of Nebraska’s come from behind victory over Northwestern. Over 300 yards passing and 2 late TD passes and a B1G offensive player of the week award don’t lie. (This was important to include so that if he falls flat against Michigan this week it can’t be said that I only pick on him and never give him praise)

We Are the Fallen

The St. Louis Cardinals – A 3-1 lead had the Cardinals and all of their fans looking ahead to a matchup with Detroit, but in the ultimate “Not So Fast My Friends” performance, their bats and gloves both went on a hiatus before the series was over, and they finally were on the other side of a huge collapse. Perhaps Jayson Stark’s article was a hair premature?!

Chargers – Uh… it’s bad enough that they keep stumbling and bumbling, but to get caught applying EXTRA-sticky-something on their gloves during the epic collapse against the Broncos?! That’s shameful. This might be the final straw that ends the Norv Turner Era in San Diego.

Lance Armstrong – Will they shorten his Wikipedia bio to: “Former Avid Bike Rider and Cancer Opponent”? That seems to be all that is left of his legacy. Oh, and the GOBS of money he’s already made for himself. It’s too bad there are so few guys you can cheer for and be confident that they are clean. At least all of this came out AFTER Average Joe’s won against Globo Gym because of a Lance pep talk.

Geno Smith – (I guess I kind of used my best stuff for this in the Klein section… oh, well. Wash. Rinse. Repeat). Coming into the weekend the majority of folks would have said that the QB in the K-State/West Virginia game that was at the top of the Heisman heap would be Geno Smith. Afterward? Geno very well may not get an invitation to New York.

Auburn University – Uh, you are 1-6 and you are a Hail Mary against Louisiana-Monroe away from being 0-7. You lost to Arkansas, Ole Miss, AND Vanderbilt in the past three weeks. Let me help you out… you’re not good. Seems a far cry from two years ago hoisting the Sears Trophy with $Cam Newton. (Side Note: Our condolences go out to Coach Chizek who lost his mother this week. I imagine these are really tough days for his family & players.

Microsoft’s Surface Tablet – There’s nothing quite like an Apple tablet product rollout 3 days before your attempt at grabbing tablet market share hits store shelves! Doh! Oh, well, at least yours is thicker and not as sharp as the iPad!

Animal Practice – Wait, you’re telling me that a show with a monkey as a key character and a lead actor who is only known to folks who are avid fans of the Showtime show Weeds isn’t a recipe for Network success?! SHOCKING! Congrats on being the first show cancelled and accomplishing it by the middle of October! Kudos!

The Skillet

  • The World Series – The well-rested Tigers could be set up to use Cy Young front-runner Justin Verlander as many as 3 times. The Giants are white-hot and they have home field. Should be a real Fall Classic.
  • Michigan @ Nebraska – Which flawed QB will be able to carry their school to the promised land?
  • The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party – Florida and Georgia are both in the Top 10 and should be ready for quite a duel.
  • Texas Tech @ Kansas State – Plenty of potency on offense, but the defenses will likely be the difference-makers.
  • Notre Dame @ Oklahoma – This will likely decide if the Fighting Irish will be in the discussion for a national championship. My choice for Game of the Week.
  • Mississippi State @ Alabama – State is the quietest undefeated school around. Sadly that run is likely to end in Tuscaloosa.
  • Giants @ Cowboys – If Dallas wants to have any hope of getting back into the Division race, this is a must-win game at the house that Jerry built.
  • Brees @ Manning – Who cares about the teams?! The ratings will be big for a primetime showdown between two of the Top 4 Quarterbacks in the NFL.

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  1. Columbus is very happy to have Florida’s cast-off. He’s to hoping the next tOSU quarterback is more Tebow than Brantley.

    If the Div.II playoffs start today, Northwest Missouri State and Emporia State (is that really correct? Yes, yes it is) are in, Pitt State, Mo West, Central, Washburn are looking at the Mineral Water Bowl. ESU has a tough 3 game stretch to the end of the season, Mo West on Thursday (CBS Sports Network), at Northwest (homecoming for NW), home for Washburn. ESU can take a loss and stay in the playoffs.

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