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The Tonight Show has proven for years now that Headline writers are not necessarily the most creative folks on Earth. In light of that, the crew at StM thought they would take a crack at predicting the Sunday Headlines for the outcome of each game this weekend. I will point out that they were attempting to be true to life and not come up with “good” headlines, so be warned that there may be a groaner or two in there. Of course the crew was watching Game 1 of the World Series while working late last night, so they also came up with a few baseball headlines as well, so today you get Bonus Cheese! And who doesn’t love Bonus Cheese?! (Government Cheese? Different story…)

BONUS CHEESE – Game 1 Headlines:

Cy vs. Cy (vs. Cy) – From what I can tell there has never been a World Series game that involved 3 past Cy Young Award Winners until last night. In fact, the starting pitchers and the Giants’ first relief pitcher of the night account for 4 Cy Young Awards and an MVP.

Kung Fu Panda IS the Dragon Warrior(The Swami is really trying to get this one to take off). Pablo Sandoval, affectionately dubbed Kung Fu Panda, has a World Series ring from 2010, but his weight had ballooned and he wasn’t in condition to really help the team. He didn’t even play in the final game of that series. This time? His training and conditioning paid off in a big way as he became the first player in history to homer in his first three World Series at bats in a season. He also joined the rarified air inhabited by only Babe Ruth, Reggie Jackson, and Albert Pujols as the only gentlemen to hit 3 HR’s in a single World Series game.

Back to the Future – Barry Zito is a former Cy Young winner, but since he joined the Giants 6 years ago he has only been a shadow of his former self. He was even left off the postseason roster in their 2010 World Series. This year? He pitched a 2002-esque gem allowing only 1 run as he faced off against the reigning A.L. MVP & Cy Young winner. Tim Lincecum has won 2 Cy Youngs but had a very disappointing 2012 season as he amassed the worst ERA among N.L. starting pitchers who qualified for the ERA title. Last night? He relieved Zito and got 7 outs, striking out 5 Tigers. Both surely would say that it was good to be back.

Base Hits Ball…Film at 11 – I can’t remember the last time a batted or thrown ball made contact with a base in a postseason game before this year. This year? In the Cardinals series the Giants benefitted from a throw that caromed off 2nd base and helped spark a rally. And the last night there was a bouncer that looked to be a simple out that hit 3rd base and got past Miguel Cabrera to spark a rally. Things just might be bouncing the Giants’ way…

Ok, enough of the baseball, it’s time to get to why you are here (unless you are lost…then you have no idea why you are here, but that’s a different existential question…). It’s time for The Picks!

Until next time… THE SWAMI!



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  1. Swami has nuts to pick Penn State.

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