The Weekender (Oct 27-29)

The Rising

Giants – Pretty much any team named the Giants is having a good time. The New York Football Giants continue to tighten their grasp on the NFC East division even when they blow 23 point leads. But more importantly, the San Francisco Giants are the champions of baseball for the 2nd time in 3 years. After being down 2-0 in a best of 5 series and 3-1 in a best of 7 series, the Giants rode the massive wave of momentum to a 4 game sweep and truly dominant performance in the World Series. For a perspective of how unique of a feat they accomplished, feel free to read Jayson Stark’s recap (I would just be plagiarizing if I tried to sum them all up). Hail to the Champs…but Melky should probably not count on getting voted a playoff share. Just sayin’.

Romo – The really good one, not the other guy… Sergio Romo, the Giants’ closer, held up the tradition of having teams fear the beard in the 9th inning of games and cemented his name in postseason lore. He closed out all of the series-ending games and did so with authority. The indelible impression left on me is his wicked slider getting right handed batters out over and over again, and then the guile of sneaking a fastball past the reigning Triple Crown winner to end the World Series. Very impressive.

The Replacement Refs – It appears that they all got new jobs! They were unveiled for the first time in the Premier League for the Chelsea v. Manchester United game. There…what? You mean those were regular Premier League officials that don’t know what contact is or the offside rule?! Wow…

Jack Black – I just feel pretty sure that all of this Kung Fu Panda love is not hurting Mr. Black. (Oh, and Pablo Sandoval seems to also be Rising!)

Archie Manning – It can’t be too bad to be the father of two of the elite QB’s in the NFL who’s boys keep cranking out victory after victory in impressive fashion.

Manhattan – Manhattan, KS that is. Each week more and more people are having to acknowledge that Kansas State is not only good, they are likely the best chance of ending the SEC streak of national championships. They are the only one of the undefeated teams that is very talented on both sides of the ball and could legitimately pose a threat to Alabama. Oh, and Bill Snyder’s stock is rising pretty high as well.

Bumblebees – The Steelers’ uniforms from Sunday are the most high profile love that Bees have gotten since the release of Flight of the Bumblebee.

The Spin Doctors – While it’s been many years since their last major radio hit, they got a lot of love during the MLB playoffs and World Series from commentators remarking that Hunter Pence’s rugged look has transformed him into lead singer Chris Barron’s doppelganger.  “One, two, princes kneel before you (thats what I said, now)…”

Mrs. Swami – After being a Cornhusker fan since she was a little girl Mrs. Swami finally got to attend a Nebraska football game in Lincoln on Saturday night. Not only did she get to attend a game, but she also got to attend a victory in the first meeting in Lincoln between Nebraska and Michigan since 1911. (We hear her date was pretty good looking too…)

The Color Pink – Kudos to the athletes and apparel companies for making Pink the coolest color on earth for the past month. My only hope would be that some guys would carry some of it forward for more than just one month.

We Are The Fallen

Romo – This time I mean the one you were thinking about. 9 Touchdowns. 13 Interceptions. A 3-4 record. At some point, Tony Romo is going to have to figure out how to be a better Quarterback. This doesn’t cut it, and it isn’t going to get better as the other QB’s in the division keep getting better. If it weren’t for a certain QB in Philly, Romo would stand out as the worst of the group.

Romeo Crennel – Wait… you’re the head coach and you have no idea why Jamaal Charles only got 5 carries?! I know you are the defensive coordinator and all, but at the half you could probably have had a conversation with your offensive coordinator. Maybe something along the lines of “I’d better not end this game with my 3 best rushers being Matt Cassel, Peyton Hillis, and Brady Quinn”!!

The Pac 12 – Oregon is staying strong, but when you had 3 Top 10 teams and 2 of the 3 fell, it’s not a good weekend. And USC falling for the second time and then looking down the barrel of the Ducks’ offense this week could definitely send them into a tailspin. Oregon State was a pleasant surprise, so it’s just a little sad to see that bubble burst.

Detroit, Michigan – The Tigers got swept after they apparently left their offense in the ALCS. The Lions actually won a game, but nothing about it inspires any confidence that things are about to fully turn around. The University of Michigan couldn’t muster a single touchdown against Nebraska and saw Denard Robinson go down. The Pistons are tipping off, but there isn’t much hope or excitement surrounding this team. And the other team they could look forward to watching (the Red Wings) is stuck on the sidelines while the NHL flounders in a work-stoppage. Not a lot of fun in D-Town.

Dez Bryant – WOW! Fumblitis on special teams. Butterfingers all season. Then you finally hang onto an important catch and you put your other hand OUT OF BOUNDS while the rest of your body is in bounds to negate THE critical touchdown?!?! Wow. Just wow.

The Jets – When I think of the Jets, I think of Macbeth. And I think I’ll let Shakespeare break this down for us all. The tale of the New York Jets… “It is a tale. Told by an idiot. Full of sound and fury. Signifying nothing.”

The Michael Vick Experience – When Atlanta hosted the Super Bowl in the first half of the 00’s they had an interactive zone called The Michael Vick Experience where you could try to feel what it was like to be the explosive Quarterback. The current version of the Michael Vick Experience is much more like a bad case of heartburn after overdosing on Little Caesar’s pizza.

The Name Sandy – From a century high of 649th back in 2000 the name Sandy has been gradually sliding in popularity, but it’s pretty likely that on the eastern half of the United States its popularity is likely to go into an absolutely free fall after this week.

Fallen – But We Wish the Best for Them

Marcus Lattimore – It was heartbreaking this weekend to see Lattimore, who struggled and clawed his way back from an ACL tear last year, regain his form only to have another season cut short due to an excruciating leg injury. His hyperextension on Saturday was one of the most painful leg injuries I’ve seen. We here at RTI wish him the best in his rehab and when he returns to the game, as he has assured everyone he will do.

Manhattan – The OTHER Manhattan. (And really all of the eastern seaboard.) Again, we wish everyone the best as they deal with the fallout of Sandy and hope that they can soon begin to return to some semblance of normalcy.

Tweets of the Week:

@creeser84: Rename the storm A-Rod and it won’t hit anything! #sandy

@thedotofthei What if Gangnam Style was actually a rain dance, and we brought this hurricane onto ourselves? #Sandy

The Skillet

  • Oregon @ USC – One of the two marquee games this weekend. This is one of the best chances for an upset of the Ducks, or it is the final nail in the coffin of USC’s season.
  • Alabama @ LSU – Hypothetically, this is one of the scariest games on Alabama’s schedule. That is if you believe in those sorts of things. Somehow I think this will simply be as scary as a 7 year old wearing a sheet over his head pretending to be a ghost.
  • The NBA – Basketball tips off this week and Lebron will be given his long awaited championship ring. Will another soon follow? Or will the Nash/Bryant/Gasol/Howard version of the Lakers be able to make it back to the top?
  • Dolphins @ Colts – It’s absolutely staggering to realize that these two teams both have winning records and are actually serious contenders for the playoffs!
  • Steelers @ Giants – It’s a classic matchup that should absolutely be entertaining. With Roethlisberger and Manning at the helm, it’s a good bet that neither team will feel like they are out of it until the final gun sounds.
  • NASCAR – With only 3 races to go in the Chase for the Sprint Cup there is only a 2 point margin between leader and 5-time champion Jimmie Johnson and young gun Brad Keselowski, who’s looking to notch the first of what seems likely to be multiple championships.
  • Tablet Wars – Microsoft’s Surface tablet hit shelves this weekend, the iPad mini will do the same this weekend, and Google unveiled it’s new Nexus 10 tablet with specs set to rival that of the full sized iPad. There’s definitely going to be lots of jockeying for position in this battle.

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