2012-2013 NBA Preview

Some writers are the types of people that would make sure to point out if they nailed 14 of 16 NBA playoff teams in their predictions last year. And if they correctly predicted the Finals matchup and the Finals winner, there are some writers that would shout that from the rooftops. I am not one of those writers. I wouldn’t even think of pointing those facts out… however true they may be. Now what I would do is admit that based on my powers of prognostication in other sports, it seems a bit curious that I could be so accurate. But as I thought about it I realized that basketball is primarily dictated by which teams are best. There are very few true surprises. Sure there can be a very good team that becomes great in the playoffs, but you typically don’t have mediocre teams that become great. So the trick is determining which teams will have moved from good to very good since last season and then see which ones have a shot at greatness in a short series. Whoops… I think my internal dialogue just became my external dialogue. I hate it when that happens. Oh, well, here go your NBA Picks!

Eastern Conference Playoff Teams

  • Boston
  • Philadelphia
  • Brooklyn
  • Indiana
  • Chicago
  • Miami
  • Milwaukee
  • New York

Western Conference Playoff Teams

  • Los Angeles Lakers
  • Los Angeles Clippers
  • Oklahoma City
  • Denver
  • San Antonio
  • Memphis
  • Dallas
  • Minnesota


Eastern Conference Final Four

  • Miami
  • Brooklyn
  • Boston
  • Chicago

Western Conference Final Four

  • Los Angeles Lakers
  • Los Angeles Clippers
  • Oklahoma City
  • San Antonio


Eastern Conference Finals

Miami over Brooklyn

Western Conference Finals

Los Angeles Lakers over Oklahoma City






NBA Finals

Miami over Los Angeles

So now you can go into the season knowing exactly how it’s going to play out! (Unless it doesn’t…)


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2 replies

  1. Odds you go 15 for 16 this year with the only incorrect pick being the Tpupps?

  2. Pretty good… I just wanted to give you hope, so I was willing to get one wrong…

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